Brain Diseases and Metalloproteins

Brain Diseases and Metalloproteins

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  • Presents the most up-to-date research in context with the background of the disease
  • Addresses basic researchers in the lab as well as specialist clinicians who want to keep up with the latest research discussed in an authoritative manner


This book describes the latest research on neurodegenerative disease and metal-binding proteins. It lays strong emphasis on biochemistry and cell biology. The diseases covered in the book include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, prion disease, and ALS. The chapters separately examine such issues as mechanisms of metal binding, metal-induced structural changes in proteins, alterations in cellular metal metabolism in disease, and attempts at a therapeutic approach based on protein metal binding.

Editorial Reviews

"This is an authoritative and thorough overview of a field of growing significance to neuroscience. Metal ion metabolism is intimately involved with the causes of most neurodegenerative disease, and is an area of unexploited importance for potential drug development. This work is timely, and tremendously useful with an excellent choice of subjects, beautifully and rigorously presented"
—Prof. Ashley I. Bush - University of Melbourne, Australia

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