Bionanomaterials for Dental Applications

Bionanomaterials for Dental Applications

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  • Highlights the enhanced properties of the nanomaterials and discusses the great potential of many bionanomaterials studied so far
  • Presents contributions by scientists and physicians, thoroughly covering both mechanical aspects of biomaterials and their medical applications
  • Includes an extensive bibliography for further reading


This book describes new biomaterials based on nanostructural chemically bonded bioceramics. They are widely used as general construction materials, but have also found new applications as biomaterials. These biomaterials are produced in situ and in vivo mainly using hydration reactions, which are reactions between phosphates, silicates, or aluminates and water. The text treats general and specific properties of these materials in detail and also describes the potential application area for these new materials.

Table of Contents

Stomatognathic System
Corrosion of Metallic Biomaterials and Implants
Nanostructured Stainless Steels
Ti-Based Ceramic Nanocomposities
Shape Memory TiNi Materials
Surface Treatment of Ti-Based Nanomaterials
Carbon Materials
Nanomaterials in Preventive Dentistry
Osteoblast Behavior on Nanostructured Implant Materials
Application of Bulk Nanostructured Materials in Dentistry

Editor Bio(s)

Mieczyslaw Jurczyk is a professor of materials science and engineering, the director of the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering at Poznan University of Technology, Poland, and head of the Division of Functional Nanomaterials. Jurczyk is the principal researcher in various research programs related to nanomaterials. In recent years, his research activity has been connected with two topics: (i) advanced nanomaterials for storage of hydrogen and (ii) advanced bionanomaterials and bionanocomposites for medical applications. He is the author of 250 scientific publications and 4 books.

Editorial Reviews

"This book is the latest achievement by the school created by Prof. Mieczyslaw Jurczyk in the fields of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. It is a compendium of the existing knowledge of bionanomaterials and bionanotechnology used for dental applications. An excellent reference for university teachers and students of dentistry and materials science and engineering, it represents a novel approach to materials used in dentistry and, thus, their future."
—Dr Michal Kulka - Poznan University of Technology, Poland

"This book is a unique source of information on nanomaterials and nanotechnology, with a particular focus on bionanomaterials in dentistry. It is written by recognized scientists in the fields of both engineering and medical sciences. A substantial number of recent references make it valuable and inspiring for students and scientists in the field."
—Prof. Marcin Leonowicz - Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

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