Artificial Human Sensors

Artificial Human Sensors: Science and Applications

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As the elderly population increases, the importance of creating sophisticated information support to humans with limited sensing performance has also grown. This book discusses human and artificial sensing in conjunction with human perception capabilities (auditory, taste, smell, vision, and touch). It also discusses the fusion of this sensing information to find answers to questions such as how we can increase our human "fuzzy" decision capability (perception). The book presents intelligent new technologies that can enhance the natural sensing, perception, and mobility abilities of humans, allowing them to have healthier, more productive, safer lives.

Table of Contents

The Background
The Context
The Perception
Sensor Technologies
An Artificial Perceptual Model Approach
Artificial Perceptual Sensors
The Artificial Perceptual System — In a Perceptual Prosthesis?
Conclusions and Future Works

Editor Bio(s)

Peter Wide is a full professor and head of the Biologically Inspired Systems Lab at the Örebro University, Sweden.

Editorial Reviews

"This book represents a thought-provoking overview of the intriguing field of machine sensing and perception based on an ever-evolving human-instrument partnership. It discusses new intelligent technologies that enhance the natural sensing, perception, and mobility abilities of humans, allowing them to have a healthier, more productive, safer and overall better life."
— Prof. Emil Petriu, University of Ottawa, Canada

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