Compendium of Bioenergy Plants: Corn

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  • Provides a comprehensive review of the maize molecular tool box and breeding and mapping populations for isolation of genes regulating the expression of bioenergy traits
  • Reviews cell wall molecular biology and structure, and the identification of novel cellulose degradation enzyme systems as it relates to processing and enhanced energy production
  • Explores the linkage of expanding biofuel research accomplishments on society, the environment, and politics


This book evaluates maize as a bioenergy fuel source from two perspectives. It explores whether the input energy needed to generate fuel significantly exceeded by the energy harvested. In examining this issue, the chapters provide assessments of the social, economic, and political impact on fuel pricing, food costs, and the environmental challenge with corn biomass the engine of change. It then examines whether corn be genetically improved so that its biomass is significantly increased, its cellulose-lignin complex made more amenable to harvesting and to processing, and grown in regions not normally associated with its cultivation of food.

Table of Contents

Basic Information on Maize. Basic Biological Research Relevant to Feed Stock. Special Requirements: Agricultural and Industrial Infrastructure. Bioenergy Related Traits and Model Systems. Molecular Genetics of Bioenergy Traits. Molecular Breeding for Bioenergy Traits. Genomics Resources. Genome Sequencing: Past and Present. Concerns and Compliance. Legal and Regulatory Issues. Social Issues: Biofuel Use of Corn and Other Foods are Causing Malnutrition in the World. Maize, Ethanol and US Politics: A Volatile Mixture. Future Prospects for Corn as a Biofuel Crop.