Explorations in Computing

Explorations in Computing: An Introduction to Computer Science and Python Programming

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  • Takes an active learning approach to teaching computer science concepts and Python programming
  • Illustrates important ideas in computer science through interesting projects
  • Emphasizes depth and breadth in its approach
  • Presents material suitable for both CS0 and CS1 courses
  • Offers ancillaries online


This text helps beginners develop their own Python programs. Experiments with fully completed programs are provided at the beginning of each chapter, allowing instructors to use the text in CS0 courses where students do not learn programming. Programming projects appear later in each chapter. Students are encouraged either to write the code that implements the functions introduced earlier or extend the existing programs. All the projects push students to explore further on their own.

Table of Contents

The Python Workbench: Introducing Python and an Environment for Interactive Experiments
The Sieve of Eratosthenes: An Algorithm for Finding Prime Numbers
A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Iteration as a Strategy for Solving Computational Problems
Divide and Conquer: A New Strategy—Breaking Large Problems into Smaller Subproblems
Spam, Spam, Spam, Mail, and Spam: A Machine Learning Approach to Filtering junk Mail
Now for Something Completely Different: An Algorithm for Generating Random Numbers
Bit by Bit: Binary Codes and Algorithms for text Compression and Error Detection
The War of the Words: An Introduction to Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
I’d Like to Have an Argument, Please: A Program that Understands English (or does it)
The Music of the Spheres: Computer Simulation and the N-Body Problem
The Traveling Salesman: A Genetic Algorithm for a Computationally Demanding Problem

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