Big Data and Business Analytics

Big Data and Business Analytics

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  • Contains case studies from big data domains such as cybersecurity, finance, emergency management, marketing, healthcare, and international development
  • Gives overviews of machine learning and advanced statistical techniques to help readers solve big data issues
  • Allows CEOs and senior managers to quickly grasp key factors and trends to make their organizations more competitive
  • Explains how business analytics can guide executive decision making
  • Includes a foreword by Joe LaCugna of Starbucks Coffee Company


"The chapters in this volume offer useful case studies, technical roadmaps, lessons learned, and a few prescriptions to ‘do this, avoid that.’"
—From the Foreword by Joe LaCugna, Ph.D., Enterprise Analytics and Business Intelligence, Starbucks Coffee Company

With the growing barrage of "big data," it becomes vitally important for organizations to make sense of this data and information in a timely and effective way. That’s where analytics come into play. Research shows that organizations that use business analytics to guide their decision making are more productive and experience higher returns on equity. Big Data and Business Analytics helps you quickly grasp the trends and techniques of big data and business analytics to make your organization more competitive.

Packed with case studies, this book assembles insights from some of the leading experts and organizations worldwide. Spanning industry, government, not-for-profit organizations, and academia, they share valuable perspectives on big data domains such as cybersecurity, marketing, emergency management, healthcare, finance, and transportation.

  • Understand the trends, potential, and challenges associated with big data and business analytics
  • Get an overview of machine learning, advanced statistical techniques, and other predictive analytics that can help you solve big data issues
  • Learn from VPs of Big Data/Insights & Analytics via case studies of Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, universities, and not-for-profits

Big data problems are complex. This book shows you how to go from being data-rich to insight-rich, improving your decision making and creating competitive advantage.

Author Jay Liebowitz recently had an article published in The World Financial Review.

Table of Contents

Foreword; Joe LaCugna

Architecting the Enterprise via Big Data Analytics; Joseph Betser and David Belanger

Jack and the Big Data Beanstalk: Capitalizing on a Growing Marketing Opportunity; Tim Suther, Bill Burkart, and Jie Cheng

Frontiers of Big Data Business Analytics: Patterns and Cases in Online Marketing; Daqing Zhao

The Intrinsic Value of Data; Omer Trajman

Finding Big Value in Big Data: Unlocking the Power of High-Performance Analytics; Paul Kent, Radhika Kulkarni, and Udo Sglavo

Competitors, Intelligence, and Big Data; G. Scott Erickson and Helen N. Rothberg

Saving Lives with Big Data: Unlocking the Hidden Potential in Electronic Health Records; Juergen Klenk, Yugal Sharma, and Jeni Fan

Innovation Patterns and Big Data; Daniel Conway and Diego Klabjan

Big Data at the U.S. Department of Transportation; Daniel Pitton

Putting Big Data at the Heart of the Decision-Making Process; Ian Thomas

Extracting Useful Information from Multivariate Temporal Data; Artur Dubrawski

Large-Scale Time-Series Forecasting; Murray Stokely, Farzan Rohani, and Eric Tassone

Using Big Data and Analytics to Unlock Generosity; Mike Bugembe

The Use of Big Data in Healthcare; Katherine Marconi, Matt Dobra, and Charles Thompson

Big Data: Structured and Unstructured; Arun Majumdar and John Sowa


Editorial Reviews

"The promise and potential of big data and smart analysis are realized in better decisions and stronger business results. But good ideas rarely implement themselves, and often the heavy hand of history means that bad practices and outdated processes tend to persist. Even in organizations that pride themselves on having a vibrant marketplace of ideas, converting data and insights into better business outcomes is a pressing and strategic challenge for senior executives. ... The chapters in this volume offer useful case studies, technical roadmaps, lessons learned, and a few prescriptions to ‘do this, avoid that.’"
—From the Foreword by Joe LaCugna, Ph.D., Enterprise Analytics and Business Intelligence, Starbucks Coffee Company

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