Data Mining Mobile Devices

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  • Explains data mining of mobile devices and analysis of Wi-Fi and GPS data from websites and apps
  • Details modeling mined data via artificial intelligence software
  • Discusses monetization of mobile devices’ desires and preferences – leading to the triangulated marketing of content, products or services to billions of consumers – in a relevant, anonymous and personal manner


With today’s consumers spending more time on their mobiles than on their PCs, new methods of empirical stochastic modeling have emerged that can provide marketers with detailed information about the products, content, and services their customers desire.

Data Mining Mobile Devices defines the collection of machine-sensed environmental data pertaining to human social behavior. It explains how the integration of data mining and machine learning can enable the modeling of conversation context, proximity sensing, and geospatial location throughout large communities of mobile users.

  • Examines the construction and leveraging of mobile sites
  • Describes how to use mobile apps to gather key data about consumers’ behavior and preferences
  • Discusses mobile mobs, which can be differentiated as distinct marketplaces—including Apple®, Google®, Facebook®, Amazon®, and Twitter®
  • Provides detailed coverage of mobile analytics via clustering, text, and classification AI software and techniques

Mobile devices serve as detailed diaries of a person, continuously and intimately broadcasting where, how, when, and what products, services, and content your consumers desire. The future is mobile—data mining starts and stops in consumers' pockets.

Describing how to analyze Wi-Fi and GPS data from websites and apps, the book explains how to model mined data through the use of artificial intelligence software. It also discusses the monetization of mobile devices’ desires and preferences that can lead to the triangulated marketing of content, products, or services to billions of consumers—in a relevant, anonymous, and personal manner.

Table of Contents

Mobile Sites
Why Mobile Sites?
Developing a Mobile Site
Mobile Biz
Put Your Brand in Their Pocket
Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Mobile Site Requirements
A Mobile Site Checklist
Constructing a Mobile Site
When to Build a Mobile Site
The Mobile Site Experience
Getting Mobile Googled
Mobile Is About Now!
Mobile Payment$
Adobe Shadow™ Mobile Site Tester
Mobile Cookies
The ConnectMe QR™ Network
Mobile Ad Networks
Mobile Site Developers
Mobile Site Development Case Studies
Tracking via Unique Device ID
Mobile Site versus Apps
Social Mobile Site
Web and Wireless Sites
Building a Mobile Site with HTML5
The Importance of Mobile Site Speed
Mobile Site Marketing Challenges
Construction of Mobile Sites Are a Top Priority
Mobile Site Metrics

Mobile Apps
Why Apps?
Google Mobile AdWords App
In Your Face
Brand Apps
Apps Metrics and Trends
App Exchanges
App Developer Alliance
Entertainment Apps
News Apps
An App To-Do List
"Picture-This" Apps
Gov Apps
A Stealth App
Apps Overtake PCs
Health Apps
Building a Popular App
An App Ad Reporter
Biz Apps
A Video App
The Twitter Apps
App Usage Patterns
The Whispering Apps
Hyper Targeting Apps
Crashing Apps
Mapping Apps
The American App Economy
Googling Apps
Apps Options
App Security
Local Company Apps
The $ Apps
Ambient Social Network Apps
App Developers
App Demographics
App Triangulating Services
App Ad Agencies
App Analytics
Ads as Apps
The Future of Apps

Mobile Data
How It Works
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Telemetry
Mobile Data Metrics
Mixing Personal and Business Mobile Data
GPS and Wi-Fi Triangulation
Backing Up Mobile Data
Real-Time Demographics
Hyperbolic Positioning
Privacy Concern of Mobile Data
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
Mobile Marketing Data
Mobile Data Aggregation Networks
Mobile Video Data
iPhone and Android ID Numbers
Blocking Browsers
Mobile Voice Recognition Data
Mobile Data Assurance Service
Mobile Facial Recognition
Mobile Wallet Data
Mobile Digital Fingerprinting Data
Capturing Mobile Data
Mobile Haptics Data
Mobile Mad Men
Mobile Data Privacy Policies
Mobile Big Data
Mobile Data Triangulation Techniques
Mobile Data over Mobile Revenue
Triangulation Targeting via Mobile Data
The Mobile Data Challenge
Triangulating Exchanges of Mobile Data
The Future of Mobile Data

Mobile Mobs
The Mobs
Deal Mobs
Mobile Analytics: What, Where, How, and Why
The Social Mobile Mobs
The Apple Mobile Mob
The Facebook Mobile Mob
The Google Mobile Mob
The Twitter Mobile Mob
The Amazon Mobile Mob
The Mobile Fab Four

Mobile Analytics
Mining Mobiles
Mining Mobile Sites
The Metrics of Mobile Analytics
Google Mobile Analytics
An Artificial Intelligence (AI) App
Clustering Mobiles
Mining Mobile Mail
Text Mining Mobiles
Classifying Mobiles
Streaming Analytics
Mining Mobile Mobs
Mining Social Mobiles
An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobile
Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing Analytics
Mapping Mobiles
Text Analytics
Behavioral Analytics
Streaming Analytics
Mobile Site Analytics
Social Mobile Consultancies
Mobile Analytics