Desktop Grid Computing

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  • Illustrates how desktop grid computing is used in various fields, such as bioinformatics and medical imaging
  • Presents state-of-the-art methods, models, and technologies
  • Examines the design of middleware and architecture


Desktop Grid Computing presents common techniques used in numerous models, algorithms, and tools developed during the last decade to implement desktop grid computing. These techniques enable the solution of many important sub-problems for middleware design, including scheduling, data management, security, load balancing, result certification, and fault tolerance.

The book’s first part covers the initial ideas and basic concepts of desktop grid computing. The second part explores challenging current and future problems. Each chapter presents the sub-problems, discusses theoretical and practical issues, offers details about implementation and experiments, and includes references to further reading and notes.

One of the first books to give a thorough and up-to-date presentation of this topic, this resource describes various approaches and models as well as recent trends that underline the evolution of desktop grids. It balances the theory of designing desktop grid middleware and architecture with applications and real-world deployment on large-scale platforms.

Table of Contents

The Birth
Volunteer Computing and BOINC, David Anderson

Open, Scalable and Self-Regulated Federations of Desktop Grids with OurGrid, Francisco Brasileiro and Nazareno Andrade

The XtremWebCH Volunteer Computing Platform, Nabil Abdennadher, Marko Niinimaki, and Mohamed BenBelgacem

XtremWeb-HEP: Designing Desktop Grid for the EGEE Infrastructure, Oleg Lodygensky, Etienne Urbah, and Simon Dadoun

A Volunteer Computing Platform Experience for Neuromuscular Disease Problems, Nicolas Bard, Viktors Bertis, Raphaël Bolze, and Frédéric Desprez

How to Work with XtremWeb, Condor, BOINC on Top of BonjourGrid, Christophe Cérin, Heithem Abbes, and Walid Saad

How to Work with PastryGrid, Christophe Cérin and Heithem Abbes

The Maturity and Beyond
Challenges in Designing Scheduling Policies in Volunteer Computing, Trilce Estrada and Michela Taufer

Modeling and Optimizing Availability of Non-Dedicated Resources, Artur Andrzejak and Derrick Kondo

Security and Result Certification, Filipe Araujo and Patrício Domingues

Data-Intensive Computing on Desktop Grids, Heshan Lin, Gilles Fedak, and Wu-chun Feng

Roles of Desktop Grids in Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructures, Simon Delamare and Gilles Fedak

Supporting Web 2.0 Communities by Volunteer Desktop Grids, Peter Kacsuk, Attila Marosi, Lovas Robert, and Jozsef Kovacs

Programming Applications for Desktop Grids, Tamas Kiss and Gabor Terstyanszky

Network Awareness in Volunteer Networks, Jon B. Weissman and Jinoh Kim



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Editorial Reviews

I think that this book is a necessity—a necessity for researchers, teachers, students, and for people concerned by this topic in the industry. … I hope that readers of this book will feel the extraordinary freedom that researchers in desktop grids or volunteer computing enjoy. I hope that students will engage themselves in this research domain and continue to reinvent it.
—Franck Cappello, Co-Director, INRIA-Illinois Joint Laboratory on PetaScale Computing