Ornamental Geophytes: From Basic Science to Sustainable Production

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    • Presents recent data on disease resistance, genetics, physiology, and molecular biology of ornamental geophytes
    • Classifies ornamental geophytes based on modern molecular studies
    • Contains modern approaches in sustainable production, integrated management, and postharvest biology of ornamental geophytes
    • Analyses globalization and emerging production regions including Asia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Turkey, and South Africa
    • Explores the connection between science and industry—data on national and international flower bulb organizations


    Although a great deal of research on ornamental geophytes has been conducted since the beginning of the 1990s, current information has not been comprehensively presented to researchers and horticulturalists. Covering the latest advances in geophytes science, Ornamental Geophytes: From Basic Science to Sustainable Production provides up-to-date reviews on geophyte taxonomy, physiology, genetics, production, plant protection, and postharvest biology.

    Novel approaches to environmentally-friendly, sustainable production and integrated management have stimulated new research directions, and innovative biochemical and molecular methods have opened new avenues in taxonomy and breeding. In addition to the issues historically associated with traditionally growing countries, the book reviews the development of new production centers in Africa, Asia, and South America. In 20 chapters, this book reflects three main trends in plant science and horticulture:

    1. A demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly production
    2. Widespread employment of new molecular technologies
    3. The globalization of the production and marketing chains

    Thoroughly modern and in tune with the needs and methods of the geophytes industry, Ornamental Geophytes: From Basic Science to Sustainable Production will benefit not only researchers who have been engaged for years but also new researchers and students who must meet and challenge the existing dogmas. In addition, the information contained in this book is vital to bringing the value of flower bulbs to the worldwide consumers who are the most important and last links in the chain of utilization and profitability of all ornamental products.

    Table of Contents

    Globalization of the Flower Bulb Industry
    August A. De Hertogh, Johan van Scheepen, Marcel Le Nard, Hiroshi Okubo, and Rina Kamenetsky
    Taxonomy and Phylogeny
    Alan W. Meerow
    Biodiversity of Geophytes: Phytogeography, Morphology, and Survival Strategies
    Rina Kamenetsky
    Botanical and Horticultural Aspects of Major Ornamental Geophytes
    Hiroshi Okubo and Dariusz Sochacki
    Introduction and Development of New Ornamental Geophytes
    Mark P. Bridgen
    Breeding and Genetics of Ornamental Geophytes
    Jaap M. van Tuyl, Paul Arens, and Agnieszka Marasek-Ciołakowska
    Biotechnology for the Modification of Horticultural Traits in Geophytes
    Kathryn K. Kamo, Frans A. Krens, and Meira Ziv
    Rina Kamenetsky, Michele Zaccai, and Moshe A. Flaishman
    Hiroshi Okubo
    Propagation of Ornamental Geophytes: Physiology and Management Systems
    Anna Bach and Dariusz Sochacki
    Production Chain, Forcing Physiology, and Flower Production Systems
    William B. Miller
    Postharvest: Cut Flowers and Potted Plants
    Michael S. Reid and Cai-Zhong Jiang
    Sustainable Production and Integrated Management: Environmental Issues
    Gary A. Chastagner, Gordon R. Hanks, Margery L. Daughtrey, Iris Yedidia, Timothy W. Miller, and Hanu R. Pappu
    Geophyte Research and Production in Asia
    Seiichi Fukai
    Geophyte Research and Production in Brazil
    Antonio F. C. Tombolato, Roberta P. Uzzo, Antonio H. Junqueira, Márcia da S. Peetz, and Giulio C. Stancato
    Geophyte Research and Production in Chile
    Eduardo A. Olate and Flavia Schiappacasse
    Geophyte Research and Production in New Zealand
    Keith A. Funnell, Ed R. Morgan, Glenn E. Clark, and Joo Bee Chuah
    Geophyte Research and Production in South Africa
    Graham D. Duncan
    Geophyte Research and Production in Turkey
    Ibrahim Baktir
    Conclusions and Future Research
    Rina Kamenetsky, Gary A. Chastagner, and Hiroshi Okubo
    Appendix: Botanical Names Mentioned in This Book

    Editor Bio(s)

    Rina Kamenetsky, Ph.D. is Senior Scientist in the Department of Ornamental Horticulture and the Agricultural Research Organization at the Volcani Center in Bet Dagan, Israel.

    Hiroshi Okubo, Ph.D. is Professor of Agricultural Botany in the Department of Plant Resources at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan.

    Editorial Reviews

    Ornamental Geophytes: From Basic Science to Sustainable Production edited by Rina Kamenetsky and Hiroshi Okubo is a new release from CRC Press that is a worthy successor to The Physiology of Flower Bulbs edited by De Hertogh and Le Nard in 1993. This new book addresses the recent advances in geophyte science by reviewing the current knowledge and its impact on the productivity and sustainability of the bulb industry.

    … The new treatise, published in September 2012, consists of 20 chapters, coauthored by 40 leading international experts in the field. … Clearly this book will be a basic reference work in the industry and a must-have volume for researchers, students, and horticulturists.
    —Reviewed by Jules Janick, Purdue University, USA, Chronica Horticulturae •Vol 53 No. 1, 2013