Systems Engineering for Microscale and Nanoscale Technologies

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  • Advances the state of systems engineering knowledge with chapters by top experts
  • Provides a practical handbook for microscale and nanoscale technologies as elements in smart systems
  • Offers a valuable resource for systems engineers, program managers, technology developers, and scientists in the field
  • Includes examples and applications from various engineering disciplines
  • Concludes with a chapter on future trends


To realize the full potential of micro- and nanoscale devices in system building, it is critical to develop systems engineering methodologies that successfully integrate stand-alone, small-scale technologies that can effectively interface with the macro world.

So how do we accomplish this?

Systems Engineering for Microscale and Nanoscale Technologies is perhaps the first handbook to concentrate on the use of systems engineering at the micro and nano levels. One major roadblock to this process is a generally limited understanding of exactly how to apply systems engineering principles and management processes to the integration of newer, small-scale technologies.

Focusing on this problem of consolidating disciplines, contributors illustrate the interdependence between nanotechnology and systems engineering, making it easier for experts from these two distinct fields to understand and optimize their application of the other. To help readers from these different domains successfully combine heterogeneous, mixed-scale elements, contributors assess the evolution of micro- and nanoscale technology development and its impact on everything from laboratory concepts to actualized products in health, automotive, aerospace, communication, and many other fields. The book outlines new approaches to developing smart systems. It also clarifies the capabilities of micro- and nanotechnologies, including how they interface with each other and with macro systems.

Edited by highly regarded technologists, this introductory resource includes insightful contributions from leading minds in areas including nanotechnology, physics, systems engineering, materials science, chemistry, electrical engineering, and futurism, among others. The result is a masterfully designed, interrelated collection of multidisciplinary expertise to help readers optimize future technologies.

About the Editors:

M. Ann Garrison Darrin is managing executive of the Space Department at the Applied Physics Laboratory at The Johns Hopkins University.

Janet L. Barth is chief of the Electrical Engineering Division (EED) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

Table of Contents

PART 1: Systems Engineering Methodologies

Systems Engineering for Micro- and Nanoscale Technologies, J.L. Barth and M.A. Garrison Darrin

Introduction to Systems Engineering, E. Fong

Systems Engineering in Technology Development Phases, D.Y. Kusnierkiewicz

Agile Systems Engineering, T.G. McGee and B.M. McGee


PART 2: Technology Development Process

Scaling, S.J. Papadakis

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems—Systems Engineering’s Transition into the Nanoworld, R. Osiander

Introduction to Nanotechnology, J.L. Sample

Nanoscale Systems—Top-Down Assembly, J.P. Maranchi

Nanoscale Systems—Bottom-Up Assembly, J. Benkoski


PART 3: Systems Engineering Process Elements

Modeling and Simulation in the Small World, M. Trexler and J. Thomas

Interfaces at the Micro and Nano Scale, J. Breidenich

Systems Reliability, O. Manuel Uy

Test and Evaluation Techniques from Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) to New Developments in Micro- and Nanoscale Technology (MNT), W. Paulsen

Developing and Implementing Robust Micro- and Nanoscale Technology Programs, J.L. Barth


PART 4: Systems Engineering Applications—Toward the Future

Future Generations of Nanotechnology, M.A. Garrison Darrin and J.L. Barth

Biomedical Microsystems, B. Jamieson and J. Mateo

Stability and Uncertainty in Self-Assembled Systems, I.K. Ashok Sivakumar

The Role of Mechanoevolution in Predicting the Future of Micro- and Nanoscale Technologies, B. Layton

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