The Clinical Nanomedicine Handbook

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    • Organizes content by medical specialty
    • Covers the latest clinical applications and research
    • Features contributions from medical experts in the field
    • Increases the practical nanotechnology literacy of health care providers and researchers


    Designed to foster a stronger awareness and exploration of the subject by practicing clinicians, medical researchers and scientists, The Clinical Nanomedicine Handbook discusses the integration of nanotechnology, biology, and medicine from a clinical point of view. The book highlights relevant research and applications by specialty; it examines nanotechnology in depth, and the potential to solve medical problems. It also increases literacy in nanotechnology, and allows for more effective communication and collaboration between disciplines.

    •  Details worldwide developments in nanomedicine
    •  Provides a comprehensive roadmap of the state of nanomedicine in numerous medical specialties
    •  Bridges the gap between basic science research, engineering, nanotechnology, and medicine

    This text discusses what nanomedicine is, how it is currently used, and considers its potential for future applications.

    It serves as a reference for clinicians, including physicians, nurses, health-care providers, dentists, scientists, and researchers involved in clinical applications of nanotechnology.

    Table of Contents

    Nanotechnology Applications for Infectious Diseases

    Ellis H Tobin, MD

    Nanotechnology Applications in Dermatology

    David Schairer, MD; Jason Chouake, MD; Adnan Nasir, MD; and Adam Friedman, MD

    Nanotechnology Applications in Ophthalmology

    Eman Elhawy, MD and John Danias, MD

    Nanotechnology Applications in Urology

    Himanshu Aggarwal, MD and Barry A Kogan, MD

    Nanotechnology Applications in Preventive Medicine and Public Health

    Julielynn Wong, MD, MPH and Sara Brenner, MD, MPH

    Nanotechnology Applications in Vascular Medicine and Surgery

    Manish Mehta, MD; Philip SK Paty, MD; John Byrne, MD; Yaron Sternbach, MD; John B Taggert, MD; and Kathleen J Ozsvath, MD

    Therapeutic Applications and Targeted Delivery of Nanomedicines and Nanopharmaceutical Products

    Heidi M Mansour, PhD and Chun-Woong Park, PhD


    Author Bio(s)

    Editorial Reviews

    "This is a marvelous collection of reviews that is sure to excite clinicians, scientists, and engineers about the potential of nanotechnology in biology and medicine. The chapters are each thorough enough and sufficiently referenced that they can serve as outlines for entire courses. This is the book I will use to introduce "nanomedicine" to our students, residents, and faculty."
    —Mark Stewart, MD, PhD, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, USA

    "This book is exciting and suitable for research overview and for teaching at the graduate level. I personally would use this book to get all my graduate students oriented in the field of clinical nanomedicine to get a sense of what the end goal of basic research is – to provide solutions for effective treatment of patients or prevention of disease."
    –Marianna Foldvari, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada