Nutrition, Lifestyle Factors, and Blood Pressure

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    • Presents a comprehensive and up-to-date review of nutrition, lifestyle factors, and blood pressure
    • Provides practical advice to promote behavioral changes in nutrition and lifestyle for blood pressure control
    • Discusses nutrients that influence blood pressure, including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber, sodium, vitamins and minerals
    • Addresses key subgroup populations and situations that require special consideration, including the children and adolescents, pregnant women and those with diabetes
    • Covers lifestyle factors contributing to high blood pressure, such as weight, alcohol, and exercise
    • Offers a comprehensive and updated review of nutrition, lifestyle, and blood pressure in one volume, without being too technical


    Even though enormous advancements have been made in identifying evidence-based lifestyle strategies for hypertension prevention and management, little progress has been made in implementing these proven strategies. Nutrition, Lifestyle Factors, and Blood Pressure compiles practical, science-based information for health care providers to provide effective lifestyle interventions for blood pressure care.

    Divided into three sections, the book features:

    • Evidence-based blood pressure control and relevant considerations for real-life situations
    • Special considerations in blood pressure control and lifestyle modification among children and adolescents, during pregnancy, and among those with diabetes
    • Practical tools that health care providers can put into practice in particular settings

    An excellent supplement to existing resources, Nutrition, Lifestyle Factors, and Blood Pressure shortens the gap between current understanding of the science about lifestyle factors and blood pressure and the actual implementation of the science

    Table of Contents

    Evidence on Lifestyle Factors and Blood Pressure
    Macronutrients, Dietary patterns and Blood Pressure
    Effects of Minerals, Antioxidants, and Micronutrients on Blood Pressure
    Sodium and Blood Pressure
    Body Weight and Blood Pressure
    Physical Activity and Blood Pressure Control 

    Implementation of Lifestsyle Intervention for Blood Pressure Control
    Motivational Interviewing in Hypertension Management
    Self-Management and Hypertension
    Implementing Behavioral Change for Blood Pressure Control at the Provider Level 

    Special Considerations
    Lifestyle Interventions for Blood Pressure Control in Children and Adolescents
    Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Hypertensive Disorders during Pregnancy
    Lifestyle Treatment of Hypertension in Patients with Type II Diabetes
    Lifestyle and Blood Pressure Control in Ethnic and Racial minorities
    Biologic Factors that Influence Blood Pressure Response to Lifestyle Modifications
    Putting it All Together: Practical Tools
    Practical Application