Derivation and Use of Environmental Quality and Human Health Standards for Chemical Substances in Water and Soil

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  • Outlines the social and economic frameworks within which standards are derived and used
  • Provides a wider context for considering when, where, and how standards should be implemented
  • Includes recommendations on the development and use of standards
  • Highlights the importance of a unified framework for selecting substances and setting standards
  • Explores general issues associated with implementing any standard
  • Discusses the details of deriving and implementing aquatic and terrestrial standards


A balanced, comprehensive overview of Environmental Quality Standards (EQS), Derivation and Use of Environmental Quality and Human Health Standards for Chemical Substances in Water and Soil addresses the selection and prioritization of substances for standard derivation. With integrated content and up-to-date information on assessment of regulations that affect the derivation and use of EQS, it examines the derivation of these standards and their implementation to protect human health and the environment.

The book is based on contributions from thirty-five scientists, regulators, and policy makers from eleven countries with individual expertise across disciplines such as risk assessment, environmental, health, economic, and social sciences. These scientists summarize current knowledge on aquatic and terrestrial environmental quality standards, placing these standards in a wider socioeconomic and regulatory context. The book explains how to derive environmental standards that are defensible from a scientific and socioeconomic perspective. Using multidisciplinary techniques applicable to water, sediments, and soils; the text demonstrates how to select the best form and derivation method relative to individual environmental standards.

The book presents an in-depth examination of when, where, and how to implement environmental standards based on the social and economic context. It includes detailed coverage of technical approaches that shed light on the derivation and implementation of EQSs. It also identifies future research that will help to underpin the science of environmental and human health standards.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Mark Crane, Martien Janssen, Peter Matthiessen, Steve Maund, Graham Merrington, Paul Whitehouse

Setting Environmental Standards within a Socio-economic Context, Andrew Farmer, Robert Lee, Stefania Loutseti, Kieron Stanley, Jacqui Warinton, Paul Whitehouse

How Should an Environmental Standard be Implemented?

Mark Crane, Bernard Fisher, Chris Leake, Paul Nathanail, Adam Peters, Bill Stubblefield and Tony Warn.

Water and Sediment EQS Derivation and Application, Peter Matthiessen, Marc Babut, Graeme Batley, Mark Douglas, John Fawell, Udo Hommen, Thomas H. Hutchinson, Martien Janssen, Dawn Maycock, Mary Reiley, Uwe Schneider, and Lennart Weltje

Derivation and Use of Environmental Quality and Human Health Standards for Chemical Substances in Groundwater and Soil,

Graham Merrington, Sandra Boekhold, Amparo Haro, Katja Knauer, Kees Romijn, Norman Sawatsky, Ilse Schoeters, Rick Stevens and Frank Swartjes

Workshop Conclusions and Recommendations, Mark Crane, Dawn Maycock, Graham Merrington