Electrolytic In-Process Dressing (ELID) Technologies: Fundamentals and Applications

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  • Provides the first presentation of ELID fundamentals together with a large number of applications
  • Explains what ELID is (a new novel grinding technique) and the fundamentals
  • Covers the historical development of the ELID process
  • Defines how this process is found to bring about improvements in the surface characteristics of the workpiece being processed
  • Includes chapters on ultra nanoprecision ELID grinding and desktop micro-ELID grinding


Edited by experts, one of whom developed the technology, Electrolytic In-Process Dressing (ELID) Technologies: Fundamentals and Applications provides an overview of ELID processes with correlations between the main parameters, describes ELID operations, and illustrates the concepts with case studies. The book’s authoritative coverage of major concepts and applications of this emerging technology makes it a definitive reference.

The book delineates the fundamentals, the chemistry and physics, and the hardware required by the process, then explores the application of ELID to different configurations of grinding. It discusses ELID grinding methods, lapping/grinding process, honing, and an original method of ELID grinding of free forms surfaces using an original design. The book also provides case studies in areas such as:

  • Nano ultra-precision ELID and the latest developments in ELID nano-grinding
  • Glass ceramic mirrors, small lens, and large scale optics
  • New concept of micro-workshop, where all the machines tools and measurement devices are table-top machines with high accuracy
  • Successful applications of ELID technology in the optics, semiconductor, mold and die, and micro-tools industries
  • Surface modifications as a future method for obtaining complex modifications of surfaces by using ELID in combination with other methods

Arguably the first comprehensive review of this emerging technology, this book combines information drawn from experts and the literature to provide a practical reference for the field. The editors have put together a resource that anticipates many of the questions that will arise from the investigation of ELID methods and applications.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of the ELID Process
Fundamentals of ELID, Hitoshi Ohmori, Ioan D. Marinescu, and Kazutoshi Katahiraz
Fundamental ELID Grinding Types, Hitoshi Ohmori and Kazutoshi Katahira

Elid Operations
ELID Grinding Methods, Hitoshi Ohmori and Kazutoshi Katahira
ELID Lap Grinding, Nobuhide Itoh and Hitoshi Ohmori
ELID Honing, Weimin Lin and Hitoshi Ohmori
ELID Free-Form Grinding, Takashi Matsuzawa and Hitoshi Ohmori

Case Studies
Ultraprecision and Nanoprecision ELID Grinding, Kazutoshi Katahira and Hitoshi Ohmori
Desktop and Micro-ELID Grinding, Yoshihiro Uehara and Hitoshi Ohmori
ELID Grinding Applications, Hitoshi Ohmori, Ioan D. Marinescu, Kazutoshi Katahira, Yutaka Watanabe, Hiroshi Kasuga, Jun Komotori, Shaohui Yin, Masayoshi Mizutani, and Tetsuya Naruse


Editor Bio(s)

Hitoshi Ohmori obtained his Doctorate degree of Engineering from Department of Precision Machinery Engineering, University of Tokyo. His research covers nanoprecision mechanical fabrication processes for micro-structural/functional devices, applications on micro-fabrication processes, and forming processes/tribological investigations under micro to nano scale.