Governance for Health Care Providers: The Call to Leadership

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ISBN 9781420078534
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  • Provides essential information on the most important issues confronting nonprofit boards
  • Fills a major gap in the education of health care professionals
  • Considers the future role of health care boards


Medical professionals who serve on the boards of private, nonprofit institutions often do so with much more diligence than knowledge. Very little material exists to cover the range of issues that are so vital at a time when health care institutions face patient overloads, budget shortages, and calls for reform. Written by leading health care advocates and authorities, Governance for Health Care Providers: The Call to Leadership provides health care board members with a comprehensive, thoughtful, and disciplined review across areas that are critical to contemporary health care governance.

Covers a full range of inter-related topics from staff compensation to the practitioner board member’s role in the recruitment and stewardship of donors

Readily accessible and exceptionally well-organized, this resource provides essential materials needed by physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals to fulfill their expanded and often unanticipated responsibilities as trustees. It helps define the functions of board members and summarizes the problems that they are most likely to face. The book covers finance, compliance, funding, and strategic planning issues, and also examines legal duties, current trends in quality, conflicts of interest, corporate structure, and governance best practices.

Designed to help the practitioner board member find his or her place at the table, this volume is an indispensable guide for all medical institution boards, providing a comprehensive overview of the key components of board oversight and presenting recommendations to prepare for governance in a future that promises rapid change.


Table of Contents

Welcome to the Board
Valerie P. Pracilio, David B. Nash, and William J. Oetgen
Governance: Back to Basics
Jona Raasch and James Rice
Defining A Great Board: Duties and Responsibilities
Barry S. Bader
Bringing Quality to the Table
Kanak S. Gautam
The Boards Role in Building Healthy Environments
Blair L. Sadler, Jennifer DuBose, and Craig Zimring
Professional Affairs
William L. Thomas, Barbara R. Heller, and Molly K. King
The Bottom Line
Caryl E. Carpenter and John K. Dugan
Auditing and Compliance: The Conscience of an Enterprise
Alton F. Knight and Stephen J. Neitz
Gavel of Governance: Legal Considerations
Catherine C. Oetgen and Elizabeth A. Simpson
The Compensation Committee
F. Kenneth Ackerman, Jr.
Dealing with Donors
Frederick Ruccius
Successful Strategic Planning: The Board’s Role
Gene J. O’Dell and John R. Combes
Community Benefit: The Non-Profit Community Health System Perspective
Lawrence Prybil and Janet A. Benton
Culture, Ethics and the Board
P. Michael Peterson
The Future of Health Care Boards
Gary L. Filerman

Editorial Reviews

Governance today requires a new level of preparation and education – in short, a commitment to continuous learning. …This commitment to preparation is also an essential step to balancing the equilibrium of power between the board and the CEO. Governance for Health Care Providers: The Call to Leadership will guide trustees down the road to more fully accept the responsibility for the mission of the corporations they lead.—Michael D. Connelly, MA, JD, FACHE, President & CEO, Catholic Healthcare Partners

... the definitive guide for the physician board member as well as any leader who has made the leap to govern an organization …well-written and concise in content ... essential reading for all physicians who are about to embark on the journey of governance. I for sure will recommend this book to the physicians on my hospital board.
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