Chemical and Biological Properties of Food Allergens

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  • Provides epidemiological data on food allergens and information on the incidence of food allergies
  • Discusses the link between hypersensitivity and immune system health
  • Covers methods used for assays on allergenic components, animal models for allergen analysis, and clinical methods for diagnosis
  • Highlights future trends in applying recombinant food allergens


In the U.S. alone, severe food-related allergic reactions account for an estimated 30,000 emergency room visits and 150 deaths per year – unsettling statistics for food product developers and manufacturers who are charged with ensuring food safety and quality throughout the entire farm-to-table production chain. Providing the clear-cut information necessary to conduct an effective allergen risk analysis, Chemical and Biological Properties of Food Allergens comprehensively examines the chemical, analytical, technological, and medical aspects of food allergies and the growing problem of cross-contact contamination during product processing.

With contributions from an international team of research specialists, the book explains the basic mechanisms of allergenic reactions in humans, the molecular background of these mechanisms, and the problems of food tolerance and intolerance. It also discusses the issues related to common treatments of food allergies and the narrow groups into which they are categorized.

Covering the most important recognized allergens in the U.S. and the EU, this resource also explores cutting-edge technological and biotechnological ways to lower the immuno-reactive and allergenic properties of foods. Chemical and Biological Properties of Food Allergens evaluates the current research literature in a concise format – a must for food product developers and biochemists.

Table of Contents

Molecular, Cellular, and Physiological Mechanisms of Immunological Hyporesponsiveness/Sensitization to Food, Elzbieta Kucharska, Joanna Bober, and Tadeusz Ogonski

Immunomodulating Properties of Food Components, Lucjan Jedrychowski, Anna Halász, Edina Németh, and András Nagy

Methods for Detection of Food Allergens, Lucjan Jedrychowski, André H. Penninks, Maciej Kaczmarski, Beata Cudowska, Elzbieta Korotkiewicz-Kaczmarska, Andrea Harrer, Anja Maria Erler, Gabriele Gadermaier, Michael Faltlhansl, Fátima Ferreira, and Martin Himly

Recombinant Food Allergens and Their Role in Immunoassay and Immunotherapy, Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber, Christina Oberhuber, and Merima Bublin

General Characteristics of Food Allergens, Lucjan Jedrychowski

Milk Allergens, Barbara Wróblewska and Lucjan Jedrychowski

Egg Allergens, Sabine Baumgartner

Fish Allergens, Patrick Weber and Angelika Paschke

Seafood Allergen Overview: Focus on Crustacea, Andreas Lopata and Samuel Lehrer

Nut Allergens, Agata Szymkiewicz

Peanut (Arachis hypogea) Allergens, Agata Szymkiewicz

Soy (Glycine max) Allergens, Sabine Baumgartner

Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Allergens, Joanna Leszczynska

Short Characteristics of the Other Important Food Allergens, Lucjan Jedrychowski, Matthias Egger, Michael Hauser, Georg Schmidt, Nicole Wopfner, Fátima Ferreira, Michael Wallner, and Andreas Lopata

Risk Analysis of Food Allergens, M. Q. I. Spanjersberg, N. B. Lucas Luijckx, and G. F. Houben




Editor Bio(s)

Lucjan Jedrychowski, Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn

Harry Wichers, Agrotech & Food Sciences Group, Wageningen, The Netherlands