Signaling by Toll-Like Receptors

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  • Describes approaches to evaluate cellular response to TLR stimulation
  • Addresses an important issue regarding the choice of ligands for such studies
  • Discusses events along the intracellular signaling pathways
  • Explores the role of toll-like receptors in tissue injury and neurodegeneration
  • Examines recombinant stratagems to study interactions of TLRs with other signaling proteins and mechanisms
  • Addresses the interplay of TLR signaling with other pathophysiological processes
  • Summary

    The discovery of toll-like receptors (TLRs) spurred the field of innate immunity into a renaissance after many years of neglect. Since then, TLR research has grown at an exponential rate. Taking an integrated methodological approach, Signaling by Toll-Like Receptors offers a comprehensive review of important techniques in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, and immunology and their critical application to the study of toll-like receptor structure, biological function, and the intracellular signaling triggered by these receptors.

    Table of Contents

    Assessing the Response of Cells to TLR Stimulation, K. Takeda, M. Yamamoto, and K. Honda
    TLR Ligands in Experimental Settings: Their Purity and Specificity, M.F.Tsan
    Analysis of TLR Expression, Regulation, and Signaling, H. Xiao, X. Li, and D.W. Abbott
    Intracellular Trafficking of Toll-Like Receptors, H. Husebye, Ø. Halaas, H. Stenmark, and T. Espevik
    The Role of Small RhoGTPases in TLR Signaling, M. Ruse and U.G. Knaus
    Use of Engineered β-Lactamase Fragment Complementation to Detect the Associations of Toll-Like Receptors and Signaling Adaptors, H.-K. Lee and P.S. Tobias
    Use of Toll-Like Receptor Chimeras to Dissect Mechanisms of Receptor Localization and Signaling, T. Nishiya and A.L. DeFranco
    Engagement of Toll-Like Receptors Modulates Chemokine Receptor Signaling, C.-S. Shi and J.H. Kehrl
    Role of Toll-Like Receptor Signaling in Central Nervous System Infections, T. Kielian
    The Influence of Injury on Toll-Like Receptor Responses, T.J. Murphy, A.A. Maung, H.M. Paterson, and J.A. Lederer