Fractal Geometry in Biological Systems: An Analytical Approach

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ISBN 9780849376368
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  • Makes fractal geometry accessible to biologists
  • Unique approach allows biologists to see the relevance of this topic at many different levels
  • Includes 170 illustrations and 289 equations, with both mathematical and biological examples, which add to the ease of understanding the concepts
  • Heavily referenced to allow biologists to locate more information on topics not usually found in a biologist's library
  • Designed for practitioners, consultants, managers, students, and teachers
  • Summary

    Fractal Geometry in Biological Systems was written by the leading experts in the field of mathematics and the biological sciences together. It is intended to inform researchers in the bringing about the fundamental nature of fractals and their widespread appearance in biological systems. The chapters explain how the presence of fractal geometry can be used in an analytical way to predict outcomes in systems, to generate hypotheses, and to help design experiments. The authors make the mathematics accessible to a wide audience and do not assume prior experience in this area.

    Table of Contents

    Fractal Geometry, P.M. Iannaccone and M.K. Khokha
    Scale Invariant Features of Coding and Noncoding DNA Sequences, H.E. Stanley, S.V. Buldyrev, A.L. Goldberger, S. Havlin, R.N. Mantegna, C.K. Peng, and M. Simons
    Ion Channel Kinetics, L.S. Liebovitch
    Protein Conformation and Enzymatic Kinetics, H.Q. Li and F.W. Wang
    Morphogenesis by Bacterial Cells, T. Matsuyama and M. Matsushita
    Fractal Studies of Neuronal and Glial Cellular Morphology, T.G. Smith and G.D. Lange
    Mosaic Pattern in Tissues from Chimeras, M.K. Khokha and P.M. Iannaccone
    Applications of Fractal Geometry in Pathology, G. Landini
    Fractals and the Heart, A.L. Goldberger, C.K. Peng, J. Hausdorff, J. Mietus, S. Havlin, and H.E. Stanley
    Fractal Probability Density and EEG/ERP Time Series, B.J. West, M.N. Novaes, and V. Kavcic
    Advanced Topics in Fractal Geometry
    Fractal Geometry, T. Vicsek