Handbook of Optical Metrology

Handbook of Optical Metrology: Principles and Applications

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  • Covers fundamentals of light sources, lenses, prisms, and mirrors, as well as optoelectronic sensors, optical devices, and optomechanical elements
  • Discusses interferometry, holography, and speckle methods and applications
  • Explains moire metrology and the optical heterodyne measurement method
  • Delves into the specifics of diffraction, scattering, polarization, and near-field optics
  • Considers applications for measuring length and size, displacement. straightness and parallelism, flatness, and three-dimensional shapes
  • Explores advanced methods such as fringe analysis, photogrammetry, polarimetry, birefringence measurement, and ellipsometry
  • Discusses advances in optical thin film and coatings, and film surface and thickness profilometry


The field of optical metrology offers a wealth of both practical and theoretical accomplishments, and can cite any number of academic papers recording such. However, while several books covering specific areas of optical metrology do exist, until the pages herein were researched, written, and compiled, the field lacked for a comprehensive handbook, one providing an overview of optical metrology that covers practical applications as well as fundamentals.

Carefully designed to make information accessible to beginners without sacrificing academic rigor, the Handbook of Optical Metrology: Principles and Applications discusses fundamental principles and techniques before exploring practical applications.

With contributions from veterans in the field, as well as from up-and-coming researchers, the Handbook offers 30 substantial and well-referenced chapters. In addition to the introductory matter, forward-thinking descriptions are included in every chapter that make this a valuable reference for all those involved with optical metrology.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Fundamentals of Optical Elements and Devices. Light Sources. Lenses, Prisms and Mirrors. Optoelectronic Sensors. Optical Devices and Optomechanical Elements. Fundamentals Principles and Techniques for Metrology. Propagation of Light. Interferometry. Holography. Speckle Methods and Applications. Moire Metrology. Optical Heterodyne Measurement Method.  Diffraction.  Scattering.  Polarization. Near-Field Optics. Practical Applications. Length and Size. Displacement. Straightness and Parallelism. Flatness. Surface Profilometry. Three-Dimensional Shape Measurement. Fringe Analysis. Photogrammetry. Optical Methods in Solid Mechanics. Optical Methods in Flow Measurement. Polarimetry. Birefringence Measurement. Ellipsometry. Optical Thin Film and Coatings. Film Surface and Thickness Profilometry. On-Machine Measurement.

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