Charge Transfer Complexes in Biological Systems

Charge Transfer Complexes in Biological Systems

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ISBN 9780824799861
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Examining the role played by partial charge transfer in biology, this work offers a theroetical basis of the physics and chemistry of charge transfer complex formation, especially the function of excited states. It discusses drug interactions, highlighting interaction between different types of antibiotics and suggests ways for the synthesis of pharmaceutical products with reduced side effects.

Table of Contents

General considerations; the energetics of charge transfer complexes; some techniques for identifying charge transfer complexes; fractals, irreversible thermodynamics, chaos, and feedback cycles; purines, pyrimidines, nucleosides, nucleotides, DNA, and RNA complexes; charge transfer complexes of aminoacids, proteins, and porphyrins; chapter charge transfer complexes of saccharide systems; charge transfer complexes of lipids, lipid systems, and vitamins; complexes of neurotransmitters and neuroleptics; charge transfer complexes in microorganisms; therapy and charge transfer complexes; retrospect, outlook and speculations.

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