Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas

Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas: STESSA 2009

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Includes recent developments in the field of seismic resistant steel structures, including the latest progress in both theoretical and experimental research.


Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas comprises the latest progress in both theoretical and experimental research on the behaviour of steel structures in seismic areas. The book presents the most recent trends in the field of steel structures in seismic areas, with particular reference to the utilisation of multi-level performance based design concepts, the analysis of factors influencing the steel structure behaviour during strong ground motions, minimizing earthquake damage, seismic retrofit, the collapse behavior of steel structures, recent developments in advanced large-scale experimental techniques, and the utilization of large-scale seismic testing facilities. A valuable resource for engineers, scientists, and Ph.D. students in Civil Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Steel Construction, Steel Development, and Building Disaster Prevention.

Table of Contents



Keynote lectures

Section 1. Advanced steel structures and testing methods

Section 2. Passive, semi- and active control

Section 3. Global behaviour I

Section 4. Connection behaviour I

Section 5. Member behaviour; mixed and composite structures; global behaviour

Section 6. Connection behaviour II

Section 7. Global behaviour II

Section 8. Mixed and composite structures I

Section 9. Global behaviour III

Section 10. Performance-based design

Section 11. Connection behaviour III

Section 12. Global behaviour IV

Section 13. Strengthening, repair, and monitoring

Section 14. Analytical and experimental methods; global behaviour

Section 15. Member behaviour I

Section 16. Performance-based design; passive, semi- and active control

Section 17. Seismic, wind, and exceptional loads

Section 18. Analytical and experimental methods

Section 19. Seismic, wind and exceptional loads; passive control

Section 20. Analytical and experimental methods; connection behaviour

Section 21. Codification; design and fabrication; material behaviour; performance-based design

Section 22. Member behaviour II

Author Index

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