ESMO Handbook of Advanced Cancer Care

ESMO Handbook of Advanced Cancer Care

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ISBN 9780415375306
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The treatment of patients with advanced cancer presents a special set of problems. The cancer itself poses significant challenges related to treatment, and the chemotherapy involved can often induce its own set of issues. In these difficult cases, psychiatric problems and palliative care often come to the forefront of a physician's concerns. The book examines these and other issues, including metabolic, gastrointestinal, respiratory, genitourinary, dermatological, and neurological problems that occur in advanced cancer cases. The book also addresses the unique problems of geriatric patients.

Table of Contents

Treatment of advanced cancer. Surgery in advanced cancer. Radiotherapy in advanced cancer.
Anti-cancer drug treatment. Palliative care in advanced cancer. Definitions of palliative care.
How to integrate medical oncology and palliative medicine. Gastrointestinal problems.
Metabolic problems. Respiratory problems. Genitourinary problems. Neurological problems.
Psychiatric problems. Pain. Dermatological problems. Other problems. Geriatric patients with advanced cancer. Appendix

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