Steel and Composite Structures: Behaviour and Design for Fire Safety

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Steel and Composite Structures: Behaviour and Design for Fire Safety presents a systematic and thorough description of the behaviour of steel and composite structures in fire, and shows how design methods are developed to quantify our understanding.
Quantitative descriptions of fire behaviour, heat transfer in construction elements and structural analysis using numerical methods are all addressed and existing codes and standards for steel and composite fire safety design are critically examined. Using a comprehensive and systematic description of structural fire safety engineering principles, the author explains and illustrates the important difference between the behaviour of isolated structural elements and whole structures under fire conditions.
This book is a vital source of information to structural and fire engineers. It will also be of considerable interest and value to students and researchers in this field.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. 2. An Introduction to the Behaviour and Design at Ambient Tempeture. 3. Experimental Observations. 4. Numerical Modelling. 5. Behaviour of Steel and Composite Structures in Fire. 6. An Introduction to Heat Transfer. 7. An Introduction to ENclosure Fire Behaviour. 8. Design of Steel Structures for Fire Safely. 9. Design of Composite Structures for Fire Safety. 10. Steel and Composite Structures without Fire Protection.