Water Science & Engineering

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Long-term Effects of Sewage Sludge and Farm Slurries Applications

1st Edition

J.H. Williams, G. Guidi, P. L'Hermite
October 31, 1985

Anaerobic digestion has no effect on the quantity of the waste treated, but it affects its quality and its usefulness as fertilizer. This conference proceedings collection of twenty papers delves into the issue....

Ground Water Pollution Control

1st Edition

May 02, 1985

Covers thoroughly technologies for ground water pollution control in part one and deals in depth with aquifer restoration decision-making in part two. Part three gives an extensive range of case studies and detailed references....

Septic Tank System Effects on Ground Water Quality

1st Edition

April 01, 1985

This valuable reference delineates the ground water quality concerns associated with the planning and usage of septic tank systems. Septic tank systems represent a significant source of ground water pollution in the United States. Since many existing systems are exceeding their design life by...

Guidebook to Light Water Reactor Safety Analysis

1st Edition

P. B. Abramson
January 01, 1985

The Guidebook to Light Water Reactor Safety Analysis brings together government and expert researchers entrusted with maintaining the safety of reactors, preventing incidents, and for creating the guidelines for responding appropriately to emergency situations. It includes an overview presented by...

Estuarine Ecology - with Particular Reference to Southern Africa

1st Edition

J.H. Day
January 01, 1981

This text covers coastal hydrodynamics, currents, salinities and temperatures, fertility, flora, biomass and plankton, fauna, fishes, avifauna and a survey of estuaries in southern Africa....

Public Health Engineering: Sewerage, Second Edition

1st Edition

R.E. Bartlett
January 01, 1979

This broad-based book covers topics in sewage treatment from site investigation through to design, construction and operation. Data and design charts are given in an appendix....