Water Science & Engineering

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Ecological Processes and Cumulative Impacts Illustrated by Bottomland Hardwood Wetland EcosystemsLewis Publishers, Inc.

1st Edition

Coastal Ecology Inst
July 31, 1990

This timely new book is a "must-have" for anyone involved with wetland conservation, in particular bottomland hardwood forests, a habitat in which over 50% of our nation's inventory has been destroyed. Authored by recognized experts, the book thoroughly covers the ecological processes in...

Radon, Radium, and Uranium in Drinking Water

1st Edition

C. Richard Cothern
July 02, 1990

With new regulations for radionuclides in drinking water, this volume will be valuable for understanding where radionuclides come from, how their prescence is determined, where humans come in contact with them, health effects consequences (both for individuals and communities), removal from water,...

Wastewater Treatment by Immobilized Cells

1st Edition

R. D. Tyagi, Kannan Vembu
May 23, 1990

The purpose of this state-of-the-art publication is to provide up-to-date and pertinent scientific information concerning immobilized cell processes for treatment of wastewater. It comprehensively reviews and examines essential data on the feasibility of various immobilization methods, with special...

Ground Water Modeling in Multilayer Aquifers, Volume II

1st Edition

Mustafa M. Aral
May 16, 1990


Groundwater Remediation and Petroleum: A Guide for Underground Storage Tanks

1st Edition

David C. Noonan, James T. Curtis
May 03, 1990

This new book presents state-of-the-art for treating groundwater contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons, based on CDM's vast experience in treating contaminated groundwater using air stripping, GAC and biorestoration. Design issues and pitfalls to avoid when implementing treatment technologies...

Dream-Analytical Ground Water Flow Programs

1st Edition

Stewart Rounds, Bernadine A. Bonn
March 20, 1990

Valuable for consultants and regulators...Dream is a useful tool for basic field work, including the first-cut evaluation of remediation design. Ground water professionals will find Dream to be ideal for estimating actual flow conditions when information on aquifer properties is limited. Flow nets,...

Groundwater Pumping Tests

1st Edition

William C. Walton
February 28, 1990

This practical new book details concepts, techniques, field work, case studies, and microcomputer models-information designed to improve accuracy and reliability....

Ground Water Modeling in Multilayer Aquifers, Volume I

1st Edition

Mustafa M. Aral
February 28, 1990


Significance and Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Supplies

1st Edition

Neil M. Ram
February 26, 1990

Significance and Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Supplies reviews EPA-approved analytical methods for VOC analysis, QA/QC, data quality objectives and limits of detection. It covers current methods for the assessment of health effects, including toxicity and carcinogenicity. If you...

Water Quality Modeling: River Transport and Surface Exchange, Volume I

1st Edition

Steven C. McCutcheon
January 05, 1990

This fascinating work is divided into two main sections. Part I reviews the basic principles of water movement in channels and the mass balance approach common to most models. It also covers the practical usefulness, model peer review, and guidance on model selection and calibration. Part II...

Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural

1st Edition

Donald A. Hammer
October 31, 1989

Both practical and theoretical, this book provides the basic principles of soil chemistry, hydrology, wetland ecology, microbiology, vegetation and wildlife as a sound introduction to this innovative technology to treat toxic wastewaters and sludges. The use of wetlands for acid mine drainage, and...

Water and Wastewater Examination Manual

1st Edition

V. Dean Adams
October 27, 1989

This new manual is an indispensable working lab guide and reference for water/wastewater quality analysis. Based on procedures from "Standard Methods" and "Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Waste (EPA)," and other pertinent references the Water and Wastewater Examination Manual is an...