Water Science & Engineering

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Design of Anaerobic Processes for Treatment of Industrial and Muncipal Waste, Volume VII

1st Edition

Joseph Malina
May 01, 1992

Principles, methods, and calculations for evaluating, designing and operating anaerobic systems...

Mobility and Degradation of Organic Contaminants in Subsurface Environments

1st Edition

April 22, 1992

This book identifies the most important "rules" governing transport, partitioning, retention and transformation of leaked motor fuels in the underground environment. It examines micro-scale fate and transport processes as a means toward promoting a better understanding of larger scale movement of...

Groundwater Modeling Utilities

1st Edition

William C. Walton
April 14, 1992

Groundwater Modeling Utilities is a handy reference guide designed to help groundwater industry professionals learn to use a variety of microcomputer software applications for groundwater modeling and numerical modeling in flow and contaminant migration studies. The book provides the following: (1)...

Water, Development and the Environment

1st Edition

William James
March 24, 1992

Water, Development and the Environment presents an impressive compilation of ideas addressing the most pressing problems facing the world today. Topics discussed include sustainable development, water scarcity, urban water pollution, water resources management, and management of landscape...

Toxic Metal Chemistry in Marine Environments

1st Edition

February 26, 1992

Presents an integrated chemical behavior of selected toxic metals: arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, and lead. All important processes that may affect their marine chemistry are discussed. Thermodynamic calculations are performed to propose the most probable route of chemical behavior. Th...

Design and Operation of Activated Sludge Processes Using Respirometry

1st Edition

Alan Rozich, Anthony Gaudy, Jr.
February 03, 1992

This book provides a thorough overview of respirometry and its scientific and engineering basis. The book describes the fundamentals of biological waste treatment, development of predictive models for system design and operation, and how respirometry fits in with these operations. It also presents...

Practical Guide to Managing Acidic Surface Waters and Their Fisheries

1st Edition

Robert W. Brocksen, Michael D. Marcus, Harvey Olem
January 14, 1992

Practical Guide to Managing Acidic Surface Waters and Their Fisheries explains how to manage acidic surface waters to preserve or restore fisheries. The work gives readers the basic tools to carry out a variety of surface water management activities. Topics include biological productivity and...

Guide for the Design of River Dikes

1st Edition

CUR, Gouda, The Netherlands
January 01, 1992

In this work, practical recommendations are given for sound dike design. Particular emphasis is placed on design, management and maintenance. Coverage includes the assessment of soil properties and different types of loadings on a dike....

Water Resources Management: Modern Decision Techniques: Selected papers from the international symposium on application of systems to water resources management, Perugia, 1986 IAHR Proceedings

1st Edition

Marcello Benedini, Kodwo Andah, Ricardo Harboe
January 01, 1992

State-of-the-art of various principles underlying the application of systems analysis to water resources management. Techniques involving lineair and dynamic programming, uncertainties and risk analysis and multicriteria approaches with regard to decision making in water resources management and...

Complex Oceanographic Research on the Black Sea

1st Edition

January 01, 1992

This book contains articles by oceanographic researchers from the (former) USSR and presents new data on various aspects of the Black Sea. The topics include Black Sea thermohaline, hydrochemical and optical structures, the dynamics of the Main Black Sea current and deep layers, wave phenomena in...

Advances in Water Treatment and Environmental Management

1st Edition

G. Thomas, R. King
December 31, 1991

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference, Lyon, France, 27-29 June 1990. This book presents the specialist and those less familiar with water treatment and environmental management with up to date information from a range of international workers. The conference was a forum at which interest...