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Wetland Soils: Genesis, Hydrology, Landscapes, and Classification, Second Edition

2nd Edition


Michael J. Vepraskas, Christopher B. Craft
December 2, 2015

A Major Revision of the Previous Edition Wetland Soils: Genesis, Hydrology, Landscapes, and Classification, Second Edition contains 11 new chapters and additional updates written by new authors with a broad range of related field and academic experience. This revised work augments the previous mate...

Fundamentals of Open Channel Flow

1st Edition


Glenn E. Moglen
April 17, 2015

Exposes You to Current Industry-Standard Tools Open channel flow is covered in essentially all civil and environmental engineering programs, usually by final-year undergraduate or graduate students studying water resources. Fundamentals of Open Channel Flow outlines current theory along with clear ...

Environmental Hydrology

3rd Edition


Andy D. Ward, Stanley W. Trimble, Suzette R. Burckhard, John G. Lyon
September 17, 2015

The late Professor Reds Wolman in his Foreword to the award-winning second edition said, "This is not your ordinary textbook. Environmental Hydrology is indeed a textbook, but five elements often found separately combine here in one text to make it different. It is eclectic, practical, in places a h...

Reverse Osmosis: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional

1st Edition


Frank R. Spellman
August 5, 2015

For the Nonengineering ProfessionalPerfect for anyone without a background in science or engineering who wants to take a closer look at how water is processed and treated, Reverse Osmosis: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional relates reverse osmosis in its most basic form and addresses growin...

The Use of High-Purity Oxygen in the Activated Sludge: Volume 1

1st Edition

J. R McWhirter
March 31, 2020

First published in 1978: The purpose of this two-volume series is to present a consolidated and comprehensive reference on oxygen-activated sludge technology....

Everglades: The Ecosystem and Its Restoration

1st Edition

Steve Davis, John C. Ogden
March 31, 2020

The 31 chapters provide a wealth of previously unpublished information, plus topic syntheses, for a wide range of ecological parameters. These include the physical driving forces that created and continue to shape the Everglades and patterns and processes of its flora and fauna. The book summarizes...

Combining Green-Blue-Grey Infrastructure for Flood Mitigation and Enhancement of Co-Benfits

1st Edition

Alida I Alves Beloqui
March 17, 2020

An increment of urban flood risk in many areas around the globe is expected, accentuated due to climate change and urbanisation. Thus, appropriate flood risk management is crucial. Conventional approaches focus on grey infrastructure, which frequently do not address the root causes of risk. A...

Wastewater Treatment by Reverse Osmosis Process

1st Edition

Mudhar Al-Obaidi, Chakib Kara-Zaitri, I. M. Mujtaba
March 11, 2020

Wastewater Treatment by Reverse Osmosis Process provides a one-stop-shop for reverse osmosis (RO), outlining its scope and limitations for the removal of organic compounds from wastewater. This book covers the state-of-the-art on RO processes and describes ten RO process models of different...

Socio-Hydrological Dynamics in Bangladesh: Understanding the Interaction Between Hydrological and Social Processes Along the Jamuna Floodplain

1st Edition

Md Ruknul Ferdous
March 10, 2020

Bangladesh is a large delta, where most people live in the overpopulated floodplains. Flooding is a normal phenomenon, which causes much suffering. How to reduce this suffering through better managing floods is a big societal challenge. To date, societal initiatives to address this challenge mainly...

Novel Concepts, Systems and Technology for Sludge Management in Emergency and Slum Settings

1st Edition

Peter Matuku Mawioo
March 10, 2020

Management of sludge is one of the most pressing issues in sanitation provision. The situation is especially complex when large quantities of fresh sludge containing various contaminants are generated in onsite sanitation systems in urban slums, emergency settlements and wastewater treatment...

Integrated Flood and Drought Mitigation Mesures and Strategies. Case Study: The Mun River Basin, Thailand

1st Edition

Saowanit Prabnakorn
March 10, 2020

Floods and droughts are climate extremes that account for more than 80% of people affected by natural disasters worldwide. Both catastrophes co-exist in many river basins, for example, the Mun River Basin in Thailand, which is selected as the study area. Approximately 90% of rice cultivation here...

Advancing Robust Multi-Objective Optimisation Applied to Complex Model-Based Water-Related Problems

1st Edition

Oscar Osvaldo Marquez Calvo
March 10, 2020

The exercise of solving engineering problems that require optimisation procedures can be seriously affected by uncertain variables, resulting in potential underperforming solutions. Although this is a well-known problem, important knowledge gaps are still to be addressed. For example, concepts of...

Strategies to Cope with Risks of Uncertain Water Supply in Spate Irrigation Systems: Case Study: Gash Agricultural Scheme in Sudan

1st Edition

Eiman Mohamed Fadul Bashir
March 10, 2020

Flood based irrigation in particular spate irrigation relies on variable flood scenarios occurring every year. Management of spate flood for spate irrigation must cope with the variability and uncertainty of water supply. Coping with water supply risks is often the only way to harness the...

Membrane Technology for Osmotic Power Generation by Pressure Retarded Osmosis

1st Edition

Tai-Shung Chung, Chun Feng Wan
March 09, 2020

Osmotic energy can be effectively harvested through pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) which is the most widely investigated technology due to its greater efficiency and higher power density output and effective membranes are the heart of the PRO technology. This book will cover a broad range of...

Flow Transition Design in Hydraulic Structures

1st Edition

S.K. Mazumder
February 28, 2020

Transitions are provided in hydraulic structures for economy and efficiency. This book covers all types of flow transitions: sub-critical to sub-critical, sub-critical to super critical, super-critical to sub-critical with hydraulic jump, and super-critical to super-critical transitions. It begins...

A Blue Carbon Primer: The State of Coastal Wetland Carbon Science, Practice and Policy

1st Edition

Lisamarie Windham-Myers, Stephen Crooks, Tiffany G. Troxler
February 26, 2020

Key features: Captures the historic context and recent developments in science and policy arenas that address the potential for coastal wetlands to be considered as significant contributors to carbon sequestration Links multiple levels of science (biogeochemistry, geomorphology, paleoclimate, etc.)...