Veterinary Medicine

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Feline Infectious Diseases: Self-Assessment Color Review

1st Edition

Katrin Hartmann, Julie Levy
April 15, 2011

This book covers all types of feline infectious diseases, including infections caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. 199 clinical cases are presented randomly, as in practice, but the wide range of cases cover infectious diseases which affect all the organ systems of the cat. The...

Wildlife Medicine and Rehabilitation: Self-Assessment Color Review

1st Edition

Anna Meredith, Emma Keeble
April 15, 2011

Veterinarians increasingly encounter wildlife casualties in practice and have a duty of care for the welfare of the animals. This comprehensive and easy-to-use self assessment book contains some 208 clinical cases with 325 illustrations. It has been compiled by authors with a wide range of...

Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine

1st Edition

Wendy Ware
February 15, 2011

The softcover edition of this comprehensive and superbly illustrated book contains key updates to the text and references focused on common cardiovascular diseases and their management, including therapy for congestive heart failure and arrhythmias, reflecting the main developments in cardiology...

Atlas of Feline Anatomy For Veterinarians

2nd Edition

Lola Hudson, William Hamilton
December 15, 2010

Presenting more than 266 full color anatomic drawings arranged by organ system, this book is dedicated exclusively to feline anatomy with emphasis on those areas of anatomy that are frequently encountered in clinical practice. It includes a highly detailed chapter on special senses...

Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine: Herbal Medicines for Animal Health

1st Edition

David R. Katerere, Dibungi Luseba
June 23, 2010

Despite the undoubted success of a scientific approach to pharmaceuticals, the last few decades have witnessed a spectacular rise in interest in herbal medicinal products. This general interest has been followed by increasing scientific and commercial attention that led to the coining of the term...

Manual of Veterinary Clinical Chemistry: A Case Study Approach

1st Edition

Leslie C. Sharkey, Judith Radin
April 15, 2010

This case study based workbook provides veterinary students and non-specialist with a guide to effective use and interpretation of clinical chemistry laboratory methods in domestic animals. The 100+ case studies involve real patients and findings in dogs, cats, horses, lamas, alpacas, pot belled...

Principles of Equine Dentistry

1st Edition

David O Klugh
March 15, 2010

The equine dentition (hypsodont) develops differently from that of humans and small animals (brachydont) yet many of the principles of general dentistry are applicable to the equine species. Some are not.Dr Klugh and his contributing authors identify, apply and evaluate the principles of equine...

Mechanisms of Disease in Small Animal Surgery

3rd Edition

M. Joseph Bojrab, Eric Monnet
January 01, 2010

This text is an ideal resource for the individual performing or learning to perform a surgical procedure. The most qualified experts in the fields of surgery and pathophysiology explain in easy to understand and practical terms the mechanisms by which a disease affects each organ. Mechanisms of...

Equine Acute Abdomen

1st Edition

Nathaniel A. White, James N. Moore, Tim S. Mair
October 31, 2009

This title allows users to effectively diagnose and treat any acute disease of the stomach, intestines, peritoneum, liver, and abdominal wall. Its authorship includes over 20 internationally recognized experts that provide critical information needed by practitioners for management of abdominal...

ECG for the Small Animal Practitioner

1st Edition

Larry Tilley, Naomi Burtnick
August 15, 2009

This title provides ECG reference material in a fast and easy to use format. It is a wonderful reference for ECG data and provides samples of actual small animal ECG results with treatment recommendations. Easy to follow explanations of how to perform and interpret electrocardiograms are included....

Urinary Stones in Small Animal Medicine: A Colour Handbook

1st Edition

Albrecht Hesse, Reto Neiger
April 07, 2009

A compact, wide-ranging, illustrated guide, this handbook deals with all aspects of urolithiasis in dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs—from aetiology and pathogenesis to diagnosis, treatment, and the prevention of disease recurrence. The authors introduce readers to treatment protocols developed...

A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat UK Version

2nd Edition

Tim Nuttall, Richard G. Harvey, Patrick J. McKeever
March 27, 2009

Following the success and critical acclaim for the first edition, this second edition of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat has been equally well accepted, by reviewers and readers alike. The strengths of the first edition have been preserved: Problem-oriented approach; the book is arranged in...