Veterinary Medicine

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Sheep Medicine

2nd Edition

Philip R. Scott
April 24, 2015

Sheep Medicine, Second Edition describes key sheep diseases encountered in general practice along with their diagnoses, treatment, prognoses, control, and, where appropriate, post-mortem features. The book is divided into chapters covering each body system. Each chapter of this completely revised...

Equine Embryo Transfer

1st Edition

Patrick M. McCue, Edward L. Squires
February 18, 2015

This book briefly reviews the history of equine embryo transfer, covering in clinically practical terms the techniques, equipment, and management protocols currently in use. Embryo transfer has become a big business, especially for breeding racing stock (horses and camels), and is therefore a very...

Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Rebecca Kirby, Rebecca Kirby, Elke Rudloff, Drew Linklater
February 05, 2015

Managing emergency and critical care situations is a daily challenge for veterinary practitioners caring for small animals. The appropriate treatment must be undertaken as quickly as possible and the most life-threatening problem tackled first. This second edition of Small Animal Emergency and...

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology

1st Edition

Marthina L. Greer
December 18, 2014

Winner of Dog Writers Association of America's Dogwise Best Book Award This book focuses on the veterinarian’s responsibilities for managing the problem pregnancy, insemination, collecting, storing and shipping semen, and all of the diseases and vaccination protocols that may involve the bitch and...

Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery

5th Edition

M. Joseph Bojrab, Don Ray Waldron, James P. Toombs
October 24, 2014

Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, Fifth Edition provides current information regarding surgical techniques from the perspective of clinicians who are performing specific procedures on a regular basis. It is intended to be concise, well illustrated, and reflective of the writer’s...

Equine Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

1st Edition

Louise Southwood, Pamela A. Wilkins
October 24, 2014

Early recognition of problems by owners, appropriate first aid, and timely referral by field veterinarians improve the chance of survival for horses requiring emergency management and critical care. With a view toward improving patient outcome, Equine Emergency and Critical Care Medicine is written...

Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery: Self-Assessment Color Review, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Kelley Thieman Mankin
October 10, 2014

Presented in a question-and-answer format with all new cases, this new edition of a bestselling book provides a broad overview of small animal soft tissue surgery. Clinical cases appear in random order to simulate the way they might appear in an actual veterinary practice. Cases include photos, a...

The Racehorse: A Veterinary Manual

1st Edition

Pieter H.L Ramzan
August 08, 2014

Written by one of the UK’s leading equine veterinary practitioners, this textbook is dedicated wholly to the veterinary management of the racehorse. The Racehorse: A Veterinary Manual brings together all the major orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic conditions likely to be encountered in racehorse...

Veterinary Immunology: Principles and Practice, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Michael J. Day, Ronald D. Schultz
June 23, 2014

Veterinary Immunology: Principles and Practice has become the adopted text in numerous veterinary schools throughout the world. Widely updated with advances in knowledge since 2011, this second edition reflects the rapid development in the field. The new edition presents expanded information on...

Small Animal Orthopedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Disorders: Self-Assessment Color Review 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

Daniel Lewis, Sorrel J Langley-Hobbs
June 22, 2014

The practice of small animal orthopedics has advanced considerably in the 15 years since the publication of the first edition of Self-Assessment Color Review of Small Animal Orthopedics. Diagnostic procedures, instrumentation, implant systems, and surgical techniques have evolved and progressed...

Otitis Externa: An Essential Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

1st Edition

Richard G. Harvey, BVSc DVD Dip ECVD FSB, Sue Paterson
May 27, 2014

The investigation and management of ear disease occupies a significant portion of a veterinary clinician’s time. Otitis externa, in particular, is likely to be seen by a busy small animal clinician at least once a day. Otitis Externa: An Essential Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment provides a...

Biomechanics and Physical Training of the Horse

1st Edition

Jean-Marie Denoix
January 15, 2014

Effective horse trainers strive to improve the performance of their horses while preserving the integrity of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Biomechanics and Physical Training of the Horse supplies an anatomical and functional overview of the topic, enabling trainers to optimize the different...