Veterinary Medicine

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Avian Malaria Parasites and other Haemosporidia

1st Edition

Gediminas Valkiunas
October 28, 2004

When studying the effects of parasites on natural populations, the avian haematozoa fulfills many of the specifications of an ideal model. Featuring a multitude of tables and illustrations, Avian Malaria Parasites and Other Haemosporidia summarizes more than a century of research on bird...

Foot and Mouth Disease: Current Perspectives

1st Edition

Francisco Sobrino, Esteban Domingo
August 12, 2004

The shock following the recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the UK dispelled the notion that this disease was permanently under control and could be forgotten. FMD proved to be an endemic disease in many countries and continues to pose a major threat to animal health worldwide. The...

Pain Management for the Small Animal Practitioner (Book+CD)

2nd Edition

William Tranquilli, Kurt Grimm, Leigh Lamont
June 01, 2004

This manual provides an easy guide to pain management for the veterinary practitioner. Beginning with pain terminology, it goes on to describe to physiology of pain, management strategies, various drugs and techniques, and the management of specific conditions and procedures. Strategies for...

Wound Care Management for the Equine Practitioner

1st Edition

Dean A. Hendrickson
June 01, 2004

Wound Care Management assists with general wound care in horses. It includes basic wound cleaning and preparation, important anatomical considerations, moist healing concepts, dressing choices, and specific wounds by body region. Along with detailed sections about wound closure techniques using...

Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats

1st Edition

Wallace B. Morrison
June 01, 2004

This guide for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas in dogs and cats is organized into two parts: noncutaneous and cutaneous lymphomas. Assisting the practitioner in identifying lymphomas that can be treated and defining the outcome that can be expected, the practical guide includes detailed...

Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner

1st Edition

William Ley
May 01, 2004

A concise and liberally illustrated working guide on Broodmare health and breeding management for veterinarians, veterinary students and breeders. The presentation includes all of the clinical procedures and assessments necessary for maintaining the health and breeding soundness of the Broodmare....


1st Edition

Jo Ann Eurell
March 15, 2004

This concise comparative histology for veterinary students reviewing for their specialty board exams - or for a practitioner looking for an excellent quick reference - boasts 39 chapters covering normal histology of the domestic animals and commonly seen exotics. Nearly 100 full color drawings...

Laboratory Urinalysis and Hematology for the Small Animal Practitioner

1st Edition

Bernard Feldman, Carolyn Sink
March 01, 2004

This guide to routinely performed laboratory procedures is essential for any veterinary practitioner or nurse learning to, or actually performing routine urinalysis and hematology laboratory procedures. It includes the basic information of how to collect, preserve, prepare, and examine...

Practical Transfusion Medicine for the Small Animal Practitioner

1st Edition

Bernard Feldman
January 01, 2004

This guide to laboratory procedure in transfusions for dogs and cats provides easily accessible, clinical information regarding the collection, storage, and use of blood and blood products in the small animal patient. It includes step-by-step procedures for the separation of whole blood into...

Horse Behaviour Explained: Origins, Treatment and Prevention of Problems

1st Edition

Margit H Zeitler-Feicht
December 01, 2003

This book is a general guide to understanding horse behavior, how the horse learns and how horse handlers can adjust their behavior to avoid creating anxiety in the horse. The author begins by providing an overview of the evolution of the horse and the consequences of domestication. She goes on to...

Practical Veterinary Dermatopathology

1st Edition

Sonya Bettenay, Ann Hargis
April 01, 2003

Practical Veterinary Dermatopathology explains the when, why, where and how of biopsy collection and submission of samples. With plenty of quick reference tables, high quality illustrations, and case review studies, as well as over140 illustrations, the material is accessible for students,...

Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner

1st Edition

Cheryl Chrisman, Christopher Mariani, Simon Platt, Rodger Clemmons
November 07, 2002

Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner is a practical presentation of common neurological conditions seen in a small animal practice. The book includes clear guidelines for effective diagnosis and treatment protocols for common neurologic conditions in dogs and cats. Important neurologic...