Veterinary Medicine

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Urinary Stones in Small Animal Medicine: A Colour Handbook

1st Edition

Albrecht Hesse, Reto Neiger
April 07, 2009

A compact, wide-ranging, illustrated guide, this handbook deals with all aspects of urolithiasis in dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs—from aetiology and pathogenesis to diagnosis, treatment, and the prevention of disease recurrence. The authors introduce readers to treatment protocols developed...

A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat UK Version

2nd Edition

Tim Nuttall, Richard G. Harvey, Patrick J. McKeever
March 27, 2009

Following the success and critical acclaim for the first edition, this second edition of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat has been equally well accepted, by reviewers and readers alike. The strengths of the first edition have been preserved: Problem-oriented approach; the book is arranged in...

Hemoparasites of the Reptilia: Color Atlas and Text

1st Edition

Sam R. Telford, Jr.
October 07, 2008

Every researcher or diagnostician working with reptiles has faced the challenge of identifying reptile hemoparasites and then determining whether they are of importance or merely incidental. Another challenge is how to easily find the information required to make the proper identification. A...

Equine Endoscopy and Arthroscopy for the Equine Practitioner

1st Edition

Sameeh Abutarbush, James Carmalt
June 30, 2008

This addition to the Equine Made Series provides detailed, easy to read guidelines for performance of common endoscopic procedures in the horse. It includes step-by-step guidelines endoscopy of the upper airway, gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive systems. A detailed section covering...

Rapid Review of Exotic Animal Medicine and Husbandry: Pet Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish

1st Edition

Karen L. Rosenthal, Neil Forbes, Fredric L. Frye, Gregory A. Lewbart
March 28, 2008

Four authors of international renown have combined their practical and instructional skills to provide this focused yet wide-ranging review. The book is divided into four sections—small mammals, birds, reptiles/amphibians, ornamental fish—and consists of an introduction to the essential aspects of...

Urological Disorders of the Dog and Cat: Investigation, Diagnosis, Treatment

1st Edition

Peter E Holt, Alasdair Hotson-Moore
March 28, 2008

This book provides veterinary practitioners and trainees with a concise, systematic guide to urological disorders affecting dogs and cats. The author focuses first on assessment of the patient and the main investigative techniques to reach a diagnosis. He then deals with the differential diagnosis,...

The Practice of Veterinary Anesthesia: Small Animals, Birds, Fish and Reptiles

1st Edition

Donald Sawyer
March 01, 2008

This title provides practitioners with a practical guide to anesthesia that is easy to use in the office setting. It is organized with the busy practitioner in mind, and in the sequence that anesthesia is performed. The presentation includes step –by- step protocols for restraint, anesthesia and...

Ophthalmology for the Equine Practitioner, Second Edition (Book+CD)

2nd Edition

Dennis Brooks
January 15, 2008

This is a useful field guide meant to help veterinarians treat simple and complex eye problems in horses. The book is to the point and focuses on salient clinical facts, covering the most common medical and surgical ophthalmic problems encountered in an equine clinic. The book is laid out in...

Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles: Color Atlas and Text

1st Edition

Elliott R. Jacobson
April 11, 2007

Far from the line drawings and black-and-white photos of the past, Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles features high-quality, color photos of normal anatomy and histology, as well as gross, light, and electron microscopic images of pathogens and diseases. Many of these images have never...

Feline Orthopedics

1st Edition

Harry Scott, Ronald McLaughlin
December 30, 2006

There are many orthopedic differences between cats and dogs, yet most books on the market tend to concentrate on dogs rather than cats. As cats are not referred to specialists as frequently as dogs, the general practitioner has routinely to treat cats that have been involved in road traffic...

A Manual of Equine Diagnostic Procedures

1st Edition

John Schumacher, David Moll
June 15, 2006

The book is a step-by-step manual describing the most commonly performed diagnostic procedures in horses making it an ideal quick reference resource for general and equine practitioners. The title is a concise compilation of technical information on collection and handling body tissues for the...

Dermatology for the Equine Practitioner

1st Edition

Ralf S. Mueller
December 30, 2005

This book deals exclusively with the equine dermatological problems that the clinician is most likely to see in the practice, ideal for the practitioner who must quickly diagnose and treat the problems. The highly illustrated format helps guide the practitioner towards an effective diagnosis...