Veterinary Medicine

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Moriello’s Small Animal Dermatology, Fundamental Cases and Concepts: Self-Assessment Color Review

2nd Edition

Darren Berger
December 06, 2019

Karen Moriello's seminal book has been completely updated to create a true two-volume set highlighting fundamental and advanced concepts. This revised edition by Dr. Darren Berger, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Iowa State University, includes all new cases on the essential...

Rapid Review of ECG Interpretation in Small Animal Practice

2nd Edition

Mark A Oyama, Marc S. Kraus, Anna R Gelzer
December 05, 2019

The standard electrocardiogram (ECG) is an indispensable, safe, and inexpensive test to assess dogs and cats with heart disease. This bestselling user-friendly book discusses the principles of electrocardiography, then systematically explores the evaluation of the ECG, including determination of...

Coccidiosis in Livestock, Poultry, Companion Animals, and Humans

1st Edition

J. P. Dubey
December 02, 2019

Coccidiosis is one of the most important diseases of livestock, particularly poultry, with billions of dollars spent on prevention worldwide. The disease is so important and pervasive that until recently, all poultry feed was medicated with coccidiostats, mainly antibiotics. With the rapid...

The Welfare of Cattle

1st Edition

Terry Engle, Donald J. Klingborg, DVM, Bernard E. Rollin
November 25, 2019

Contains a selection of White Papers, commissioned to better inform the exploration of cattle welfare. These are prepared by notable experts in their field, to help provide factual context around selected topics that impact cattle welfare and production systems. Covers all aspects of...

Pig Health

1st Edition

John Carr, Shih-Ping Chen, Joseph F. Connor, Roy Kirkwood, Joaquim Segalés
November 25, 2019

Key features: Contains the contributions of international experts from the UK, USA, Australia, Spain and Taiwan Includes over 1,500 high-quality illustrations Maintaining the health of pigs is vital in pig farming and production. This new book written by experts from around the world focuses...

Goat Medicine and Surgery

1st Edition

David Harwood, Karin Mueller
November 25, 2019

As textbooks go, this is one of the few that I may actually choose to read in a spare moment, not just when madly researching what could possibly be the problem when I get called to a goat farm. It contains interesting information on the background of goat farming, goat behaviour, nutrition and...

Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology: From Patient to Population

4th Edition

Ronald D. Smith
October 29, 2019

Ideal for veterinary students, residents and clinicians, the fourth edition of this bestselling textbook has been fully updated in line with developments in research and teaching. The logical chapter progression reflects the stages in a clinical case work-up and how epidemiological concepts and...

Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

J Scott Weese, Michelle Evason
August 26, 2019

The field of infectious diseases in veterinary medicine is both rewarding and challenging, and this book offers small animal veterinarians a lifeline by balancing relevant background, guidance and optimizing efficiency. It provides a pathway for clinicians through this complex field by...

Obesity in the Dog and Cat

1st Edition

Martha G. Cline, Maryanne Murphy
May 21, 2019

3* Doody’s Star Rating® As of 2018, pet obesity in the US affects an estimated 55.8 percent of dogs and 59.5 percent of cats, resulting in secondary conditions such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and certain forms of cancer. A complete and balanced diet accompanied...

Fish Diseases and Medicine

1st Edition

Stephen A. Smith
April 08, 2019

Fish are critically important to the welfare of this planet and its occupants, the health of both wild and captive fish populations paramount to our survival. This book presents the gross pathology of the most commonly encountered diseases and syndromes of fish in an organ...

Essentials of Clinical Anatomy of the Equine Locomotor System

1st Edition

Jean-Marie Denoix
March 03, 2019

Essentials of Clinical Anatomy of the Equine Locomotor System presents a unique photographic record of dissections showing the topographical anatomy of the locomotor system of the horse. Readers of this book will be able to see the position and relationships of the bones, joints, muscles, nerves...

Animal Handling and Physical Restraint

1st Edition

C. B. Chastain
February 19, 2019

3* Doody’s Star Rating® Proper handling and restraint are essential to the welfare of captive animals, allowing them to be examined, groomed and treated in ways that contribute to their optimum quantity and quality of life. The aim of the book is to prepare future or current veterinarians...