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Analysis of Messy Data, Volume II: Nonreplicated Experiments

1st Edition

George A. Milliken, Dallas E. Johnson
May 15, 1989

Researchers often do not analyze nonreplicated experiments statistically because they are unfamiliar with existing statistical methods that may be applicable. Analysis of Messy Data, Volume II details the statistical methods appropriate for nonreplicated experiments and explores ways to use...

Analysis of Binary Data

2nd Edition

D.R. Cox, E. J. Snell
May 15, 1989

The first edition of this book (1970) set out a systematic basis for the analysis of binary data and in particular for the study of how the probability of 'success' depends on explanatory variables. The first edition has been widely used and the general level and style have been preserved in the...

Analysis of Infectious Disease Data

1st Edition

N.G. Becker
May 01, 1989

The book gives an up-to-date account of various approaches availablefor the analysis of infectious disease data. Most of the methods havebeen developed only recently, and for those based on particularlymodern mathematics, details of the computation are carefullyillustrated. Interpretation is...

Readings in Decision Analysis

1st Edition

S. French
March 01, 1989

Provides an introduction to decision analysis. This book is based upon a number of papers and articles taken from the Operational Research Society's journal and other publications. However, the book is not simply a 'collection of reprints': Professor French has provided extensive notes and...

Nonlinear Lp-Norm Estimation

1st Edition

Rene Gonin
February 10, 1989

Complete with valuable FORTRAN programs that help solve nondifferentiable nonlinear LtandLo.-norm estimation problems, this important reference/text extensively delineates ahistory of Lp-norm estimation. It examines the nonlinear Lp-norm estimation problem that isa viable alternative to least...

Model Discrimination for Nonlinear Regression Models

1st Edition

Dale S. Borowiak
February 07, 1989

Borowiak (math, U. of Akron) discusses model discrimination based upon incorrect selection probability, presents diagnostic statistics and formal hypothesis test procedures to assess a model's fit and stability, explains the use of computer computations such as the jackknife and bootstrap, and demon...

Interpreting Data: A First Course in Statistics

1st Edition

A J B Anderson
January 01, 1989


Random Processes: A First Look, Second Edition,

2nd Edition

December 22, 1988


Stochastic Structural Dynamics: Progress in Theory and Applications

1st Edition

T. Ariaratnam, G.I. Schueller
September 01, 1988