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Multivariate Analysis of Variance and Repeated Measures: A Practical Approach for Behavioural Scientists

David J. Hand, C.C. Taylor
May 01, 1987

This book describes a practical aproach to univariate and multivariate analysis of variance. It starts with a general non-mathematical account of the fundamental theories and this is followed by a discussion of a series of examples using real data sets from the authors' own work in clinical...

Statistical Physics

Y Klimontovich
November 20, 1986


Mathematical Nonparametric Statistics

November 10, 1986


Econometrics and Structural Change

Lyle D. Broemeling
October 29, 1986


Understanding Statistics

October 22, 1986



Ralph B. D'Agostino
June 02, 1986

Conveniently grouping methods by techniques, such as chi-squared and empirical distributionfunction , and also collecting methods of testing for specific famous distributions, this usefulreference is the fust of the extensive literature on the subject. It surveysthe leading...

Counterexamples in Probability And Statistics

Joseph P. Romano, A.F. Siegel
June 01, 1986

This volume contains six early mathematical works, four papers on fiducial inference, five on transformations, and twenty-seven on a miscellany of topics in mathematical statistics. Several previously unpublished works are included....

Statistics for Toxicologists

May 29, 1986


Numerical Methods In Engineering & Science

Carl .E. Pearson
May 01, 1986