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Statistical Methods for Cancer Studies

Richard G. Cornell
February 28, 1984


The Collected Works of John W. Tukey: Time Series 1949-1964, Volume I

Jeff Austin. Brillinger
February 01, 1984

First of an eight-volume set, documenting Tukey's work from the 1940s to the 1980sOne of the late 20th Century's leading innovators and influences on data analysis, John W. Tukey's discoveries and methods have greatly impacted the work of statisticians throughout the world. The Collected Works of...

Classification and Regression Trees

Leo Breiman, Jerome Friedman, Charles J. Stone, R.A. Olshen
January 01, 1984

The methodology used to construct tree structured rules is the focus of this monograph. Unlike many other statistical procedures, which moved from pencil and paper to calculators, this text's use of trees was unthinkable before computers. Both the practical and theoretical sides have been developed...


September 27, 1983

This concise, easy-to-follow book stimulates interest and develops proficiency in statisticalanalysis. Packed full of helpful exercises-covering a wide variety of conditions,random patterns, and simple models-Understanding Randomness presents a logical sequenceof study, through practice in...

Statistics for Technology: A Course in Applied Statistics, Third Edition

Chris Chatfield
June 01, 1983

One of the most popular introductory texts in its field, Statistics for Technology: A Course in Applied Studies presents the range of statistical methods commonly used in science, social science, and engineering.The mathematics are simple and straightforward; statistical concepts are explained...

A Festschrift For Erich L. Lehmann

Peter .J. Bickel, K. Doksum, J.L. Hodges
February 01, 1982


Applied Statistics - Principles and Examples

D.R. Cox, E. J. Snell
September 30, 1981


Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

Chris Chatfield, A. Collins
May 15, 1981

This book provides an introduction to the analysis of multivariate data.It describes multivariate probability distributions, the preliminary analysisof a large -scale set of data, princ iple component and factor analysis,traditional normal theory material, as well as multidimensional scaling...