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Bivariate Discrete Distributions

1st Edition

May 18, 1992

This useful reference/text provides a comprehensive study of the various bivariate discretedistributions that have appeared in the literature- written in an accessible manner thatassumes no more than a first course in mathematical statistics.Supplying individualized treatment of topics while...

Theory of Distributions

1st Edition

M.A. Al-Gwaiz
April 24, 1992

A textbook for a graduate course in the theory of distributions and related topics, for students of applied mathematics or theoretical physics. Introduces the theory, explicates mathematical structures and the Hilbert-space aspects, and presents applications to typical boundary problems. Annotation...

The Collected Works of John W. Tukey: Factorial and ANOVA, Volume VII

1st Edition

D.R. Cox
April 01, 1992

These papers illustrate important features characteristic of John Tukey's work, namely the desire to look beyond or beneath conventional set structures, the wish to detect and deal with anomalous behavior, and great technical ingenuity....

Biopharmaceutical Sequential Statistical Applications

1st Edition

Karl E. Peace
March 25, 1992

Focusing on group sequential procedures, summarizes the sequential statistical methods used in anticancer, antiviral, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal drug research and screening. The clinical and preclinical applications are mainly presented as case studies, many of which form part of New Drug...

Medical Uses of Statistics

2nd Edition

March 01, 1992


The Analysis of Contingency Tables

2nd Edition

Brian S. Everitt
February 01, 1992

Much of the data collected in medicine and the social sciences is categorical, for example, sex, marital status, blood group, whether a smoker or not and so on, rather than interval-scaled. Frequently the researcher collecting such data is interested in the relationships or associations between...

Correspondence Analysis Handbook

1st Edition

January 22, 1992

This practical reference/text presents a complete introduction to the practice of data analysis - clarifying the geometrical language used, explaining the formulae, reviewing linear algebra and multidimensional Euclidean geometry, and including proofs of results. It is intended as either a...

Sojourns And Extremes of Stochastic Processes

1st Edition

Simeon Berman
January 09, 1992

Sojourns and Extremes of Stochastic Processes is a research monograph in the area of probability theory. During the past thirty years Berman has made many contributions to the theory of the extreme values and sojourn times of the sample functions of broad classes of stochastic processes. These...

Handbook of the Logistic Distribution

1st Edition

N. Balakrishnan
November 27, 1991


The Use Of Statistics In Forensic Science

1st Edition

C. G. G. Aitken, David A. Stoney
October 31, 1991

Describes ways of assessing forensic science evidence and the means of communicating the assessment to a court of law. The aim of this work is to ensure that the courts consider seriously the probability of the evidence of association....

Statistics in Research and Development

2nd Edition

R. Caulcutt
October 10, 1991

Many scientists and technologists would like to carry out their own statistical analyses without reference to a professional statistician. Often, however, they have no knowledge of statistics or otherwise do not know how to apply it to research and development problems. The first edition of...