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Understanding Statistics

1st Edition

October 22, 1986


Statistical Methods in Discrimination Litigation

1st Edition

August 07, 1986

This book sketches some of the legal doctrines that underlie discrimination litigation. It describes and probes frequently seen statistical methods. The book also describes the more or less standard methods being brought into United States Supreme Court....


1st Edition

Ralph B. D'Agostino
June 02, 1986

Conveniently grouping methods by techniques, such as chi-squared and empirical distributionfunction , and also collecting methods of testing for specific famous distributions, this usefulreference is the fust of the extensive literature on the subject. It surveysthe leading...

Counterexamples in Probability And Statistics

1st Edition

Joseph P. Romano, A.F. Siegel
June 01, 1986

This volume contains six early mathematical works, four papers on fiducial inference, five on transformations, and twenty-seven on a miscellany of topics in mathematical statistics. Several previously unpublished works are included....

Statistics for Toxicologists

1st Edition

May 29, 1986

This book explains how the computer programs work and why and when they can be applied to problems in toxicology. It discusses the statistical models used and their applications in a general fashion. The book overviews the problems that can arise from the blind use of the statistical models....

Numerical Methods In Engineering & Science

1st Edition

Carl .E. Pearson
May 01, 1986


Statistical Process Control: A Guide for Implementation

1st Edition

April 21, 1986

This guide aims to strip away the mystery surrounding statistical process control and to present its concepts and principles in as simple and straightforward a manner as possible. It is directed primarily at American business managers....

Density Estimation for Statistics and Data Analysis

1st Edition

Bernard. W. Silverman
April 01, 1986

Although there has been a surge of interest in density estimation in recent years, much of the published research has been concerned with purely technical matters with insufficient emphasis given to the technique's practical value. Furthermore, the subject has been rather inaccessible to the...

The Fascination of Statistics

1st Edition

February 24, 1986

This book demonstrates how numbers open up new ways of thinking about problems and addresses current issues for which statistics has practical applications. The articles are classified according to probability, condensing data, testing, estimation, experimental design, prediction, and modelling....

Statistical Methods for Pharmaceutical Research Planning

1st Edition

S. W. Bergman
December 17, 1985

This book focuses on statistical methods which impinge more or less directly on the decisions that are made during the course of pharmaceutical and agro-chemical research, considering the four decision-making areas....

Methodological Issues for Health Care Surveys

1st Edition

B. M. Cox
June 07, 1985

This book is written for professionals who wish to learn about methodological issues associated with health care surveys. It represents a distinct and important contribution to the application of the methodology of sample surveys to the collection of data on the utilization of health care services....