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Readings in Decision Analysis

1st Edition

S. French
March 01, 1989

Provides an introduction to decision analysis. This book is based upon a number of papers and articles taken from the Operational Research Society's journal and other publications. However, the book is not simply a 'collection of reprints': Professor French has provided extensive notes and...

Nonlinear Lp-Norm Estimation

1st Edition

Rene Gonin
February 10, 1989

Complete with valuable FORTRAN programs that help solve nondifferentiable nonlinear LtandLo.-norm estimation problems, this important reference/text extensively delineates ahistory of Lp-norm estimation. It examines the nonlinear Lp-norm estimation problem that isa viable alternative to least...

Model Discrimination for Nonlinear Regression Models

1st Edition

Dale S. Borowiak
February 07, 1989

Borowiak (math, U. of Akron) discusses model discrimination based upon incorrect selection probability, presents diagnostic statistics and formal hypothesis test procedures to assess a model's fit and stability, explains the use of computer computations such as the jackknife and bootstrap, and demon...

Interpreting Data: A First Course in Statistics

1st Edition

A J B Anderson
January 01, 1989

This book, an introduction to statistical inference, has evolved from material used in a first-year undergraduate statistics course at the University of Aberdeen. It relates to the collection of data to answer specific questions and to the interpretation of these data and data collected by others....

Random Processes: A First Look, Second Edition,

2nd Edition

December 22, 1988

This book develops appreciation of the ingenuity involved in the mathematical treatment of random phenomena, and of the power of the mathematical methods employed in the solution of applied problems. It is intended to students interested in applications of probability to their disciplines....

Statistical Process Control in Automated Manufacturing

1st Edition

September 29, 1988

This book provides an introduction to statistical process control in automated manufacturing and suggests implementation strategies. It focuses on time series applications in statistical process control and explores the role of knowledge-based systems in process control....

The Inverse Gaussian Distribution: Theory: Methodology, and Applications

1st Edition

Raj Chhikara
September 29, 1988

This monograph is a compilation of research on the inverse Gaussian distribution. It emphasizes the presentation of the statistical properties, methods, and applications of the two-parameter inverse Gaussian family of distribution. It is useful to statisticians and users of statistical distribution....

Stochastic Structural Dynamics: Progress in Theory and Applications

1st Edition

T. Ariaratnam, G.I. Schueller
September 01, 1988

This book contains a series of original contributions in the area of Stochastic Dynamics, which demonstrates the impact of Mike Lin's research and teaching in the area of random vibration and structural dynamics....

Transformation and Weighting in Regression

1st Edition

Raymond J. Carroll, David Ruppert
August 01, 1988

This monograph provides a careful review of the major statistical techniques used to analyze regression data with nonconstant variability and skewness. The authors have developed statistical techniques--such as formal fitting methods and less formal graphical techniques-- that can be applied to...

Dynamic Graphics Statistics

1st Edition

July 08, 1988

The essential characteristic of a dynamic graphical method is the direct manipulation of elements of a graph on a computer screen, which in high-performance implementations, the elements change virtually instantaneously on the screen. This book contains a collection of papers about dynamic graphics...

Exploring Statistics

1st Edition

April 29, 1988

This book provides an overview of the commonly used statistical methodology. It is intended to enable professionals such as medical doctors, engineers, business executives, laboratory technicians, school teachers, and others to understand the basics of statistical thought through self study....

The Collected Works of John W. Tukey: Graphics 1965-1985, Volume V

1st Edition

William S. Cleveland
April 01, 1988

This book includes a collection of John W. Tukey's papers that demonstrate a number of numerical methods and graphical methods, such as box plots, stem-and-leaf diagrams, and point cloud rotation, for graphics and exploratory data analysis....