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Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

Chris Chatfield, A. Collins
May 15, 1981


Point Processes

D.R. Cox, Valerie Isham
July 17, 1980


Statistical Computing

March 01, 1980


Theoretical Statistics

D.R. Cox, D.V. Hinkley
September 06, 1979

A text that stresses the general concepts of the theory of statistics Theoretical Statistics provides a systematic statement of the theory of statistics, emphasizing general concepts rather than mathematical rigor. Chapters 1 through 3 provide an overview of statistics and discuss some of the basic...

The Theory of Stochastic Processes

D.R. Cox, H.D. Miller
February 01, 1977



March 01, 1976

"A collection of proofs of fundamental theorems, this volume utilizes a format that is exhaustive and consistent. Every result covered in ``Econometrics''is proved as well as stated. One notation system is used throughout the volume. The topics included in the book cover such areas as estimations...

Statistical Quality Control Methods

Irving W. Burr
February 01, 1976


Statistical Inference

S.D. Silvey
March 01, 1975


Design of Experiments: A Realistic Approach

Virgil L. Anderson, Robert A. McLean
February 01, 1974