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Applied Statistics: Handbook of GENSTAT Analysis

E. J. Snell, H. Simpson
April 01, 1991

GENSTAT is a general purpose statistical computing system with a flexible command language operating on a variety of data structures. It may be used on a number of computer ranges, either interactively for exploratory data analysis, or in batch mode for standard data analysis.The great flexibility...

Stochastic Models for Carcinogenesis

Wai-Yuan Tan
March 29, 1991

An up-to-date survey of mathematical models of carcinogenesis, providing the most recent findings of cancer biology as evidence of the models, as well as extensive bibliographies of cancer biology and in-depth mathematical analyses for each of the models. May be used as a reference for courses on st...

Point Processes and Their Statistical Inference

Alan Karr
March 01, 1991

Maintaining the excellent features that made the first edition so popular, this outstandingreference/text presents the only comprehensive treatment of the theory ofpoint processes and statistical inference for point processes-highlighting both pointprocesses on the real line and sp;,.tial point...

The Collected Works of John W. Tukey: More Mathematical 1938-1984, Volume VI

C. Mallows
February 01, 1991

This book contains many results and methods developed during the last twenty years that are not included in any other books. The book covers problems with multiple criteria, and in addition to discrete time problems it considers two types of continuous time problems. The book presents techniques...

Statistical Inference in Stochastic Processes

N.U. Prabhu
December 18, 1990

Covering both theory and applications, this collection of eleven contributed papers surveys the role of probabilistic models and statistical techniques in image analysis and processing, develops likelihood methods for inference about parameters that determine the drift and the jump mechanism of a di...

Practical Statistics for Medical Research

Douglas G. Altman
November 22, 1990

Most medical researchers, whether clinical or non-clinical, receive some background in statistics as undergraduates. However, it is most often brief, a long time ago, and largely forgotten by the time it is needed. Furthermore, many introductory texts fall short of adequately explaining the...

Survivorship Analysis for Clinical Studies

Eugene K. Harris, Adelin Albert
September 28, 1990

Written for clinicians and biostatisticians, describes nonparametric and quasiparametric (regression) methods of analyzing survivorship data in clinical studies, emphasizing the interpretation and reasoning behind the methods. Explains the established methods for summarizing the results of the major...

A Primer in Probability, Second Edition

Kathleen Subrahmaniam
July 27, 1990

Somewhat revised/expanded new edition of a problem-oriented introductory undergraduate text, the first edition of which appeared about a decade ago. The author writes with courteous clarity, and imposes only modest demands upon the mathematical skills of her readers. Problems at the end of each of t...

U-Statistics: Theory and Practice

June 12, 1990

In 1946 Paul Halmos studied unbiased estimators of minimum variance, and planted the seed from which the subject matter of the present monograph sprang. The author has undertaken to provide experts and advanced students with a review of the present status of the evolved theory of U-statistics, and...

Generalized Additive Models

T.J. Hastie, R.J. Tibshirani
June 01, 1990

This book describes an array of power tools for data analysis that are based on nonparametric regression and smoothing techniques. These methods relax the linear assumption of many standard models and allow analysts to uncover structure in the data that might otherwise have been missed. While...

Analysis of Repeated Measures

Martin J. Crowder, David J. Hand
May 01, 1990

Repeated measures data arise when the same characteristic is measured on each case or subject at several times or under several conditions. There is a multitude of techniques available for analysing such data and in the past this has led to some confusion. This book describes the whole spectrum...