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Generalized Additive Models

1st Edition

T.J. Hastie, R.J. Tibshirani
June 01, 1990

This book describes an array of power tools for data analysis that are based on nonparametric regression and smoothing techniques. These methods relax the linear assumption of many standard models and allow analysts to uncover structure in the data that might otherwise have been missed. While...

Analysis of Repeated Measures

1st Edition

Martin J. Crowder, David J. Hand
May 01, 1990

Repeated measures data arise when the same characteristic is measured on each case or subject at several times or under several conditions. There is a multitude of techniques available for analysing such data and in the past this has led to some confusion. This book describes the whole spectrum...

Elements of Bayesian Statistics

1st Edition

March 12, 1990

The ingratiating title notwithstanding, this is in no standard sense a text but a monograph, based largely upon the authors' research over a period of years, and intended to be read by sophisticated students of theoretical statistics. No exercises attach to the nine chapters, nor are they interrup...

Robust Regression: Analysis and Applications

1st Edition

December 11, 1989

Robust Regression: Analysis and Applications characterizes robust estimators in terms of how much they weigh. Each observation discusses generalized properties of LP-estimators. It includes an algorithm for identifying outliers using least absolute value criterion, in regression modelling reviews...

Statistical Issues in Drug Research and Development

1st Edition

Karl E. Peace
December 11, 1989

This book is a compilation of topics addressed by the ASA Biopharmaceutical Section work groups, including the etiology and evolution of the work groups, the work group guidelines and structure, and the statistical issues associated with clinical trials in clinical drug development programs....

Generalized Linear Models

2nd Edition

P. McCullagh, John A. Nelder
August 01, 1989

The success of the first edition of Generalized Linear Models led to the updated Second Edition, which continues to provide a definitive unified, treatment of methods for the analysis of diverse types of data. Today, it remains popular for its clarity, richness of content and direct relevance to...

Engineering Mathematics and Statistics: Pocket Handbook

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Louise Ferrante
July 10, 1989

This pocket handbook is intended as a handy reference guide for engineers, scientists and students on widely used mathematical relationships, statistical formulas and problem-solving methods, including illustrated examples for problem-solving methods....

Statistical Methods for Food and Agriculture

1st Edition

Filmore E Bender, Larry W Douglas, Diana S Kramer
July 06, 1989

This classic book will meet the needs of food and agricultural industries in both their research and business needs. Learn the fundamentals of applying statistics to the business and research needs in the food and agricultural industries. Statistical Methods for Food and Agriculture is a practical,...

Analysis of Binary Data

2nd Edition

D.R. Cox, E. J. Snell
May 15, 1989

The first edition of this book (1970) set out a systematic basis for the analysis of binary data and in particular for the study of how the probability of 'success' depends on explanatory variables. The first edition has been widely used and the general level and style have been preserved in the...

Analysis of Infectious Disease Data

1st Edition

N.G. Becker
May 01, 1989

The book gives an up-to-date account of various approaches availablefor the analysis of infectious disease data. Most of the methods havebeen developed only recently, and for those based on particularlymodern mathematics, details of the computation are carefullyillustrated. Interpretation is...

Defect Prevention: Use of Simple Statistical Tools

1st Edition

April 28, 1989

This book discusses statistical process control (SPC) concepts, emphasizing the need to establish stability of work processes. It gives the elements required to develop a defect prevention system (DPS), and integrates the application of process control and problem analysis tools....