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Exploring Statistics

April 29, 1988


Elements of Statistical Computing: NUMERICAL COMPUTATION

R. A. Thisted
March 01, 1988

Statistics and computing share many close relationships. Computing now permeates every aspect of statistics, from pure description to the development of statistical theory. At the same time, the computational methods used in statistical work span much of computer science. Elements of Statistical...

Practical Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Louise Ferrante
November 26, 1987


Foundations of Statistics

D.G. Rees
September 01, 1987

This text provides a through, straightforward first course on basics statistics. Emphasizing the application of theory, it contains 200 fully worked examples and supplies exercises in each chapter-complete with hints and answers....

Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equations Models: Estimation and Inference

Virendera K. Srivastava, David E.A. Giles
May 29, 1987


Multivariate Analysis of Variance and Repeated Measures: A Practical Approach for Behavioural Scientists

David J. Hand, C.C. Taylor
May 01, 1987

This book describes a practical aproach to univariate and multivariate analysis of variance. It starts with a general non-mathematical account of the fundamental theories and this is followed by a discussion of a series of examples using real data sets from the authors' own work in clinical...