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Advances in Shannon's Sampling Theory

Ahmed I. Zayed
July 23, 1993

Advances in Shannon's Sampling Theory provides an up-to-date discussion of sampling theory, emphasizing the interaction between sampling theory and other branches of mathematical analysis, including the theory of boundary-value problems, frames, wavelets, multiresolution analysis, special functions...

Networks and Chaos - Statistical and Probabilistic Aspects

J L Jensen, Wilfrid S. Kendall
July 22, 1993

This volume consists of a collection of tutorial papers by leading experts on statistical and probabilistic aspects of chaos and networks, in particular neural networks. While written for the non-expert, they are intended to bring the reader up to the forefront of knowledge and research in the...

Developments in Time Series Analysis

T. Subba Rao
July 01, 1993


Applied Analysis of Variance in Behavioral Science

Lynne Edwards
June 16, 1993

A reference devoted to the discussion of analysis of variance (ANOVA) techniques. It presents ANOVA as a research design, a collection of statistical models, an analysis model, and an arithmetic summary of data. Discussion focuses primarily on univariate data, but multivariate generalizations are to...

Process Capability Indices

Samuel Kotz, Norman L. Johnson
June 01, 1993

A solid, rigorous, yet comprehensible analysis of process capability indices, this work bridges the gap between theoretical statisticians and quality control practitioners, showing how an understanding of these indices can lead to process improvement....

Statistical Methods of Quality Assurance

Hans-Joachim. Mittag, Horst Rinne
June 01, 1993

This comprehensive textbook is a basic reference which should be recommended to students and teachers in engineering, technology and management as well as to the whole community of professionals already working in quality-related areas.The book aims to be a step-by-step introduction to statistical...

Predictive Inference

Seymour Geisser
June 01, 1993

The author's research has been directed towards inference involving observables rather than parameters. In this book, he brings together his views on predictive or observable inference and its advantages over parametric inference. While the book discusses a variety of approaches to prediction...

Nonparametric Regression and Generalized Linear Models: A roughness penalty approach

P.J. Green, Bernard. W. Silverman
May 01, 1993

In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest and activity in the general area of nonparametric smoothing in statistics. This monograph concentrates on the roughness penalty method and shows how this technique provides a unifying approach to a wide range of smoothing problems. The method...

Research and Development Statistics

R.A. Wilson, D.L. Bosworth, A. Young
April 29, 1993

Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources are comprehensive and authoritative surveys of the economic and social statistics for the United Kingdom. They are indispensable to anyone who needs to gain a thorough understanding of the sources for the study of the area under consideration. This...

Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Second Edition,

April 20, 1993

Beginning with the historical background of probability theory, this thoroughly revised text examines all important aspects of mathematical probability - including random variables, probability distributions, characteristic and generating functions, stochatic convergence, and limit theorems - and...

Differential Geometry and Statistics

M.K. Murray, J.W. Rice
April 01, 1993


Biostatistics for Epidemiologists

Anders Ahlbom
March 25, 1993

Biostatistics for Epidemiologists is a unique book that provides a collection of methods that can be used to analyze data in most epidemiological studies. It examines the theoretical background of the methods described and discusses general principles that apply to the analysis of epidemiological...