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Algorithms, Routines, and S-Functions for Robust Statistics

Alfio Marazzi
February 01, 1993

ROBETH (written in ANSI FORTRAN 77) is a systematized collection of algorithms that allows computation of a broad class of procedures based on M- and high-breakdown point estimation, including robust regression, robust testing of linear hypotheses, and robust coveriances.This book describes the...

Longitudinal Data with Serial Correlation: A State-Space Approach

Richard .H. Jones
February 01, 1993

First Published in 2018. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company....

CRC Handbook of Percentiles of Non-Central t-Distributions

S.C. Bagui
January 13, 1993

CRC Handbook of Percentiles of Non-Central t-Distributions is the first book to provide critical values of non-central t-distributions in an easy-to-use format. The book presents a brief introductory section that outlines properties and applications of non-central t-distributions and then explains...

Cross-Over Experiments: Design, Analysis and Application

David Ratkowsky, Richard Alldredge, Marc A. Evans
December 22, 1992

Developing a model-based approach that enables any cross-over trial, of any degree of imbalance, to be analyzed both for direct effects and for residual effects, using consistent procedures that employ commercially available statistical software, this text offers a guide to the analysis of...

Sense and Nonsense of Statistical Inference: Controversy: Misuse, and Subtlety

Charmont Wang
December 16, 1992

This volume focuses on the abuse of statistical inference in scientific and statistical literature, as well as in a variety of other sources, presenting examples of misused statistics to show that many scientists and statisticians are unaware of, or unwilling to challenge the chaotic state of...

Artificial Intelligence Frontiers in Statistics: Al and Statistics III

David J. Hand
December 01, 1992

This book presents a summary of recent work on the interface between artificial intelligence and statistics. It does this through a series of papers by different authors working in different areas of this interface. These papers are a selected and referenced subset of papers presented at the 3rd...

Practical Handbook of Sample Size Guidelines for Clinical Trials

Jonathan J. Shuster
November 30, 1992

Practical Handbook of Sample Size Guidelines for Clinical Trials is a concise guide and powerful software utility program that provides a valuable, non-technical blueprint for the design and analysis of survival clinical trials. This text and software allow clinical researchers to write more...

Multiple Comparisons, Selection and Applications in Biometry

November 19, 1992

Aims to provide in-depth descriptions of the latest developments in multiple comparison methods and selection procedures, while emphasizing biometry. This text is published in honour of the 70th birthday of Charles W. Dunnett - a pioneer in statistical methodology....

Semimartingale Theory and Stochastic Calculus

September 14, 1992

Semimartingale Theory and Stochastic Calculus presents a systematic and detailed account of the general theory of stochastic processes, the semimartingale theory, and related stochastic calculus. The book emphasizes stochastic integration for semimartingales, characteristics of semimartingales,...


C. Moir, J.A. Dawson
September 01, 1992

This series aims to provide comprehensive and authoritative surveys of UK economic and social statistics. They are aimed at anyone who needs to gain a thorough understanding of the sources for the study of the area under consideration. This title reviews the distribution sector of the economy,...

Analysis of Quantal Response Data

Byron J.T. Morgan
September 01, 1992

This book takes the standard methods as the starting point, and then describes a wide range of relatively new approaches and procedures designed to deal with more complicated data and experiments - including much recent research in the area. Throughout mention is given to the computing...

International Trade Modelling

m Dagenais, Pierre-Alain Muet
June 01, 1992

In recent years, international trade has become a subject of increaed practical importance and also one of the most intellectually exciting parts of economics. In his introduction to this volume, Paul Krugman outlines why this is so, by analysing the original contribution of the New Trade Theory...