Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science

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Developments in Time Series Analysis

1st Edition

T. Subba Rao
July 01, 1993


CRC Handbook of Percentiles of Non-Central t-Distributions

1st Edition

S.C. Bagui
January 13, 1993

CRC Handbook of Percentiles of Non-Central t-Distributions is the first book to provide critical values of non-central t-distributions in an easy-to-use format. The book presents a brief introductory section that outlines properties and applications of non-central t-distributions and then explains...

Engineering Mathematics and Statistics: Pocket Handbook

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Louise Ferrante
July 10, 1989

This pocket handbook is intended as a handy reference guide for engineers, scientists and students on widely used mathematical relationships, statistical formulas and problem-solving methods, including illustrated examples for problem-solving methods....

Transformation and Weighting in Regression

1st Edition

Raymond J. Carroll, David Ruppert
August 01, 1988

This monograph provides a careful review of the major statistical techniques used to analyze regression data with nonconstant variability and skewness. The authors have developed statistical techniques--such as formal fitting methods and less formal graphical techniques-- that can be applied to...

Practical Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Louise Ferrante
November 26, 1987

This book provides direction in constructing regression routines that can be used with worksheet software on personal computers. The book lists useful references for those readers who desire more in-depth understanding of the mathematical bases, and is helpful for science and engineering students....

Numerical Methods In Engineering & Science

1st Edition

Carl .E. Pearson
May 01, 1986


Applied Regression Analysis and Experimental Design

1st Edition

Richard J. Brook, Gregory C. Arnold
April 25, 1985

For a solid foundation of important statistical methods, the concise, single-source text unites linear regression with analysis of experiments and provides students with the practical understanding needed to apply theory in real data analysis problems.Stressing principles while keeping...

Statistics for Technology: A Course in Applied Statistics, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Chris Chatfield
June 01, 1983

One of the most popular introductory texts in its field, Statistics for Technology: A Course in Applied Studies presents the range of statistical methods commonly used in science, social science, and engineering.The mathematics are simple and straightforward; statistical concepts are explained...

Statistical Quality Control Methods

1st Edition

Irving W. Burr
February 01, 1976

This book focuses on statistical methods useful in quality control, emphasizing on data-analysis and decision-making. These techniques are also of great use in areas such as laboratory analyses and research. The problems and examples presented are from actual cases encountered in the industry....

Design of Experiments: A Realistic Approach

1st Edition

Virgil L. Anderson, Robert A. McLean
February 01, 1974

The book is written for anyone who wants to design experiments, carry them out, and analyze the results. The authors provide a clear-cut, practical approach to designing experiments in any discipline and explain the general principles upon which such design is based. The reader then can apply these...