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Improving Medication Use and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support

Jerome A. Osheroff
April 15, 2009

Improving Medication Use and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support: A Step-by-Step Guide is the result of a ground-breaking collaboration of approximately 100 individuals and organizations, with diverse perspectives and insights on a central healthcare perspective. The Guide is designed to help...

Improving Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support: An Implementer's Guide, Second Edition

Jerry Osheroff, Jonathan Teich, Donald Levick, Luis Saldana, Ferdinand Velasco, Dean Sittig, Kendall Rogers, Robert Jenders
February 17, 2012

Winner of the 2012 HIMSS Book of the Year Award! Co-published by HIMSS, the Scottsdale Institute, AMIA, AMDIS and SHM, this second edition of the authoritative guide to CDS implementation has been substantially enhanced with expanded and updated guidance on using CDS interventions to improve care...

Spatial Decision Support Systems: Principles and Practices

Ramanathan Sugumaran, John Degroote
November 15, 2010

Although interest in Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) continues to grow rapidly in a wide range of disciplines, students, planners, managers, and the research community have lacked a book that covers the fundamentals of SDSS along with the advanced design concepts required for building SDSS....

Computational Intelligence for Decision Support

Zhengxin Chen
November 24, 1999

Intelligent decision support relies on techniques from a variety of disciplines, including artificial intelligence and database management systems. Most of the existing literature neglects the relationship between these disciplines. By integrating AI and DBMS, Computational Intelligence for...

Clinical Neurocardiology: Fundamentals and Clinical Cardiology

Louis R. Caplan, J. Willis Hurst, Marc I. Chimowitz
May 28, 1999

This valuable reference provides a wide range of practical, clinical information for physicians who care for patients with neurological and cardiac problems. Clinical Neurocardiologyconsiders neurological complications arising from cardiac surgery and other cardiac interventions describes...

Nurses' Clinical Decision Making: v. 1 , Symptom

Russell Gurbutt, Andy Carty
September 20, 2006

This work includes a foreword by Carl Thompson, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Health Sciences, University of York. This inspiring text offers guidance and innovative ideas for teaching and learning. It explains how nurses make clinical decisions through the development of narratives, and...

Decision Options: The Art and Science of Making Decisions

Gill Eapen
June 01, 2009

Although uncertainty and flexibility are important attributes that drive the value of an investment, they are seldom systematically considered in traditional financial analysis. Through theory and case studies, Decision Options: The Art and Science of Making Decisions details how uncertainty and...

Clinical Haematology, Second Edition: Illustrated Clinical Cases


Atul Bhanu Mehta, Keith Gomez
September 21, 2017

This illustrated text will be useful to a wide readership, particularly for trainees in Haematology and Medicine studying for higher examinations such as the MRCP and FRCPath. The book also has educational value beyond exam revision, with over 100 cases covering the whole field of malignant and...

Clinical Development: Strategic, Pre-Clinical, and Regulatory Issues

Janice Steiner
November 30, 1996

Everyone involved in pre-clinical, clinical, formulation, development and regulatory affairs will find Clinical Development a valuable resource. The book provides expert advice on ways to reduce delays and lost market opportunities, minimize development time, better understand the process and...

Water Quality Modeling: Decision Support Techniques for Lakes and Reservoirs, Volume IV

Brian Henderson-Sellers
March 14, 1991

This volume represents the first decision support book aimed at water quality management for lakes and reservoirs. The book offers both a retrospective view (in terms of summarizing past work) and a prospective view (in terms of forecasting the greater use of such models as part of much needed...

Artificial Intelligence Tools: Decision Support Systems in Condition Monitoring and DIagnosis

Diego Galar Pascual
April 22, 2015

Artificial Intelligence Tools: Decision Support Systems in Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis discusses various white- and black-box approaches to fault diagnosis in condition monitoring (CM). This indispensable resource: Addresses nearest-neighbor-based, clustering-based, statistical, and...

Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Ground Support, Perth, Australia, 28-30 September 2004

Ernesto Villaescusa, Yves Potvin
September 15, 2004

The purpose of ground support is to safely maintain excavations for their expected lifespan. The effectiveness of ground support can be seen both in terms of personnel and equipment safety, and in terms of allowing the most economic extraction. Scientists, practitioners and technology developers...

Handbook of Clinical Nanomedicine: Nanoparticles, Imaging, Therapy, and Clinical Applications

Raj Bawa, Gerald F. Audette, Israel Rubinstein
February 24, 2016

This handbook (55 chapters) provides a comprehensive roadmap of basic research in nanomedicine as well as clinical applications. However, unlike other texts in nanomedicine, it not only highlights current advances in diagnostics and therapeutics but also explores related issues like nomenclature,...

Advances in Spatial Analysis and Decision Making: Proceedings of the ISPRS Workshop on Spatial Analysis and Decision Making: Hong Kong, 3-5 December 2003

Zhilin Li, Q. Zhou, W. Kainz
January 01, 2003

While traditional apsects of GIS have been growing rapidly in recent years, new developments have focused on the geographic information service and delivery, which will realise the benefits of spatial information to the community.  The analysis and application of spatial information for...

The ECG in Clinical Decision Making

Patrick Davey
August 31, 2004

Electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis is a valuable skill an is extremely useful in diagnosis, monitoring of disease progression and response to treatment. Thsi book will introduce the novice to ECGs and will improve the interpretative skills of the more experienced ECG-reader.This book features:-...

Reflecting on Clinical Practice Spiritual Care for Healthcare Professionals: Reflecting on Clinical Practice

Gordon Tom, Kelly Ewan, David Mitchell
January 01, 1960

In the past 10 years spirituality and spiritual care have been much debated in professional healthcare literature, highlighting the need for a recognised definition of spiritual care to enable appropriate assessment of, and response to, spiritual issues. This accessible and highly relevant book...

Development of a Decision Support System for Groundwater Pollution Assessment

N. Kukuric
January 01, 1999

Decision Support Systems (DSSs) are electronic systems that support the decision-making process. This work discusses the development of the DSS for groundwater pollution assessment, one of the first integrated information systems in the field of hydrogeology....

Introduction to Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA): The U.S. Military’s Role to Support and Defend

Bert B. Tussing, Robert McCreight
November 24, 2014

The application of our Armed Forces within the states and territories of the United States is far from intuitive. The challenges of defending the country against assaults within the homeland are much more complex than engaging our enemies on foreign soil. Likewise, the introduction of the military’...

Omics in Clinical Practice: Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Proteomics, and Transcriptomics in Clinical Research

Yu Liu
June 20, 2014

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. This book serves as an introduction to genomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics, putting these fields in relation to human disease and ailments. The various chapters consider the role of translation and personalized medicine, as well as...

Clinical Co-Management: A Bridge to Clinical Integration and Pathway to Bundled Payments

Cherilyn G. Murer, JD, CRA
August 27, 2015

A decade ago, UK HealthCare recognized the need to reposition itself as a regional referral center, focusing on advanced subspecialty care for the entire state of Kentucky. The goal was to become a "medical destination" for patients from that region who needed access to specialized care.To support...

A Primer on Clinical Experience in Medicine: Reasoning, Decision Making, and Communication in Health Sciences

Milos Jenicek, MD
August 08, 2012

Mastery of quality health care and patient safety begins as soon as we open the hospital doors for the first time and start acquiring practical experience. The acquisition of such experience includes much more than the development of sensorimotor skills and basic knowledge of the sciences. It...

Management Options in Breast Cancer: Case Histories, Best Practice, and Clinical Decision-Making


John Benson, Ismail Jatoi
June 30, 2017

Management Options in Breast Cancer is the only comprehensive resource devoted to exploring the systematic approach to breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, and postoperative care. This guide is an ideal tool for oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and gynecologists seeking alternative management...

Decision Support Systems for the Management of Grazing Lands: Emerging Issues

B.G. Lyons, J.W. Stuth
February 15, 1993

Decision Support Systems for the Management of Grazing Lands demonstrates how decision support systems can be used in helping with the management of complex environments. Drawing on case studies and recent experience, the book aims to inform scientists, academic and research administrators,...

Development of an Environmental Impact Assessment and Decision Support System for Seawater Desalination Plants

Sabine Latteman
May 11, 2010

Seawater desalination is a coastal-based industry. The growing number of desalination plants worldwide and the increasing size of single facilities emphasises the need for greener desalination technologies and more sustainable desalination projects. Two complementing approaches are the development...

Web-based Virtual Environments for Decision Support in Water Based Systems

Xuan Zhu
May 14, 2014

User interface is one of the most important components for decision support systems since it directly faces to the end users: decision makers and stakeholders. Implementation of modern visualization and interaction techniques can fill the gap between models and information in order to assist the...

Nested algorithms for optimal reservoir operation and their embedding in a decision support platform

Blagoj Delipetrev
July 18, 2016

Reservoir operation is a multi-objective optimization problem, and is traditionally solved with dynamic programming (DP) and stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) algorithms. The thesis presents novel algorithms for optimal reservoir operation, named nested DP (nDP), nested SDP (nSDP), nested...

Focused Clinical Assessment in 10 Minutes for MRCGP: Featuring Data-Gathering, Clinical Management and Communication Skills

Israr Ahmad Khan
July 22, 2012

Part of the Masterpass series, Focused clinical Assessment in 10 Minutes for MRCGP is the definitive study guide for GP trainees at any stage of their specialist training, in particular, those preparing for the CSA. This comprehensive yet straightforward book provides a unique structure for the...

Unity in Diversity and the Standardisation of Clinical Pharmacy Services: Proceedings of the 17th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP 2017), July 28-30, 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Elida Zairina
December 08, 2017

The primary aim of ACCP 2017 is to bring together experts from all field of clinical pharmacy to discuss and facilitate the exchange research ideas and results. The conference will provide a forum for dissemination knowledge and experience exchange and invites clinical pharmacy scholars,...

Underlying Standards that Support Population Health Improvement


Laura Bright, Johanna Goderre
November 16, 2017

This book highlights success stories and challenges to implementing health IT standards. The narrative of each chapter demonstrates how standards further interoperable health data exchange, especially in the service of advancing tools to monitor population health. These are critical stories that...

Relationship Power in Health Care: Science of Behavior Change, Decision Making, and Clinician Self-Care

John B. Livingstone, M.D., Joanne Gaffney, R.N., LICSW
January 22, 2016

The personal interface between clinician and patient is a misunderstood subject which can impact all areas of health care. Without adequate training in relationship science clinicians inadvertently contribute to empathic failure, poor medical decision process, difficulty changing health-related...

Systematic reviews to support evidence-based medicine, 2nd edition

Khalid Khan, Regina Kunz, Jos Kleijnen, Gerd Antes
July 29, 2011

Authoritative, clear, concise, and practical, this highly acclaimed book continues to be an essential text for all medical, surgical and health professionals who want to have an easily accessible, quick reference to systematically reviewing the literature. Learn about the key steps to reviewing...

Advances in Cable-Supported Bridges: Selected Papers, 5th International Cable-Supported Bridge Operator's Conference, New York City, 28-29 August, 2006

Khaled Mahmoud
August 10, 2006

Cable-supported bridges are known for their visual elegance, aesthetic appeal and ability to link long spans. The extent of issues of concern associated with these structures is commensurate with their size and vast scale. Significant advances in the technology of assessment, design, construction...

Decision Sciences: Theory and Practice

Raghu Nandan Sengupta, Aparna Gupta, Joydeep Dutta
October 26, 2016

This handbook is an endeavour to cover many current, relevant, and essential topics related to decision sciences in a scientific manner. Using this handbook, graduate students, researchers, as well as practitioners from engineering, statistics, sociology, economics, etc. will find a new and...

Decision Point: Real-Life Ethical Dilemmas in Law Enforcement

Jeffrey L. Green
October 28, 2013

Exploring the concepts of ethics, morality, and decision-making for the law enforcement community, Decision Point: Real-Life Ethical Dilemmas in Law Enforcement offers an inside look at the difficult challenges officers confront every day as they face ethical decisions that could drastically alter...

Decision Sciences: Theory and Practice

Raghu Nandan Sengupta, Aparna Gupta, Joydeep Dutta
November 07, 2016

This handbook is an endeavour to cover many current, relevant, and essential topics related to decision sciences in a scientific manner. Using this handbook, graduate students, researchers, as well as practitioners from engineering, statistics, sociology, economics, etc. will find a new and...

Non-Clinical Vascular Infusion Technology, Volume I: The Science

Owen P. Green, Guy Healing
September 26, 2013

Intravenous infusion is a necessary mode of delivery for many pharmaceuticals currently on the market or undergoing clinical trials. The technique of prolonged intravenous delivery in conscious, free-moving animal models has broadened the opportunity to study and evaluate the safety and efficacy of...

Rock Mechanics and Engineering Volume 4: Excavation, Support and Monitoring

Xia-Ting Feng
May 18, 2017

Excavation, Support and Monitoring is the fourth volume of the five-volume set Rock Mechanics and Engineering and contains twenty-three chapters from key experts in the following fields- Excavation Methods;- Support Technology;- Monitoring Technology;- Integrated Engineering Monitoring and Analysis...

FDA and USDA Nutrition Labeling Guide: Decision Diagrams, Check

Tracy A. Altman
June 05, 1998

A workbook for day-to-day decisions Nutrition labels on various food products must comply with numerous, ever-changing requirements. Items such as meat and poultry products, food packages, and dietary supplements are subject to stringent federal regulations-and the costs of compliance are often...

Cultural Factors in Systems Design: Decision Making and Action

Robert W. Proctor, Shimon Y. Nof, Yuehwern Yih
October 25, 2011

Cultural factors, in both the narrow sense of different national, racial, and ethnic groups, and in the broader sense of different groups of any type, play major roles in individual and group decisions. Written by an international, interdisciplinary group of experts, Cultural Factors in Systems...

Principles of Risk Analysis: Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Charles Yoe
September 15, 2011

In every decision context there are things we know and things we do not know. Risk analysis uses science and the best available evidence to assess what we know—and it is intentional in the way it addresses the importance of the things we don’t know. Principles of Risk Analysis: Decision Making...

Primer on Risk Analysis: Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Charles Yoe
July 15, 2011

In every decision context there are things we know and things we do not know. Risk analysis uses science and the best available evidence to assess what we know—and it is intentional in the way it addresses the importance of the things we don’t know. Primer on Risk Analysis: Decision Making Under...

Drought, Risk Management, and Policy: Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

Linda Courtenay Botterill, Geoff Cockfield
January 28, 2013

Australia and the United States face very similar challenges in dealing with drought. Both countries cover a range of biophysical conditions, both are federations that provide considerable responsibility to state governments for water and land management, and both face the challenges in balancing...

Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision-Making

David Roi Hardoon, Galit Shmueli
March 26, 2013

Assuming no prior knowledge or technical skills, Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision-Making explores the contents, capabilities, and applications of business analytics. It bridges the worlds of business and statistics and describes business analytics from a non-commercial...

Adaptive User Support: Ergonomic Design of Manually and Automatically Adaptable Software

Reinhard Oppermann
August 01, 1994

The potential of software applications to solve an array of office and administrative problems is increasing faster than the ability of users to exploit it. We need to make systems easier to learn and more comfortable to use. This book reports a major advance in the effort to accomplish both goals....

Generic Intelligent Driver Support

J A Michon
August 12, 1993


Intelligence Support Systems: Technologies for Lawful Intercepts

Paul Hoffmann, Kornel Terplan
July 27, 2005

Telecommunications service providers face increasing information assistance requests to help law enforcement while they simultaneously struggle with CapEx and OpEx reductions. On the other hand, law enforcement agencies face expensive telecommunication interface options for data collection as they...

Support Vector Machines: Optimization Based Theory, Algorithms, and Extensions

Naiyang Deng, Yingjie Tian, Chunhua Zhang
December 17, 2012

Support Vector Machines: Optimization Based Theory, Algorithms, and Extensions presents an accessible treatment of the two main components of support vector machines (SVMs)—classification problems and regression problems. The book emphasizes the close connection between optimization theory and SVMs...