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Counselling a Recovering Drug User: A Person-Centered Dialogue

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
October 15, 2003

"This book is well timed and critically needed because it is a unique focus specifically working with the individual drug abuser which is written within the Carl Rogers’ person-centered approach. This book is matchless and deeply insightful. Bryant-Jefferies offers critical wisdom from his many...

Counselling for Eating Disorders in Men: Person-Centred Dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
September 30, 2000

According to the Eating Disorders Association there is a general lack of recognition of eating disorders in men, making it more difficult for male patients to access specialist services, although clients with problems connected with over-eating, under-eating, and poor eating form a significant...

Counselling Young Binge Drinkers: Person-Centred Dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
March 01, 2006

Young binge drinkers are becoming more and more common in society today. By using case studies with fictitious clients, this timely and much needed book offers the reflective thoughts and feelings of both client and counselor in a user-friendly format. Counselors and psychotherapists who practice,...

Counselling for Death and Dying: Person-Centred Dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
July 31, 2006

This book contains forewords by Sheila Haugh and Grace H Chickadonz respectively - Senior Lecturer Psychotherapy, Centre for Psychological Therapies, Leeds Metropolitan University; Center for Human Encouragement, Rochester, New York, USA. What happens to a person emotionally, psychologically and...

Workplace Counselling in the NHS: Person-Centred Dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
January 01, 2000

This book has been written specifically to meet the needs of counsellors and trainers working with the National Health Service. It will also provide useful insights for doctors, nurses, and managers within the healthcare sector. The book covers topics such as, difference and diversity, colour,...

Counselling for Obesity: Person-Centred Dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
May 01, 2005

In The United Kingdom over 30,000 deaths a year are caused by obesity. Counsellors, trainees and other healthcare and social care professionals need to understand and experience the diverse and challenging aspects of this rapidly developing issue. By including fictitious supervision as well as...

Counselling Victims of Warfare: Person-Centred Dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
November 01, 1999

In the United Kingdom since 1987 38,000 people have been referred to The Medical Foundation for specialist psychological treatment relating to warfare, and in the past 80 years 75,000 military personnel have received counselling from the Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society. The topic of warfare...

Responding to a Serious Mental Health Problem: Person-Centred Dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
July 01, 1999

This book uses narrative to describe powerfully what is happening, interspersed with the counsellor’s thoughts and reflections. Sessions of supervision are also described and linked to what is occurring in the therapy. The first part of the book focuses on a client struggling to cope with her son...

Person-Centred Counselling Supervision: Personal and Professional

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
February 01, 2005

Each preceding book in the Living Therapy series provides a demonstration of the application of the person-centred approach to counselling and psychotherapy to clients presenting with particular issues. To complement these, this book focuses more on the supervisory element of the therapeutic...

Relationship Counselling - Sons and Their Mothers: A Person-Centred Dialogue

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
April 01, 1998

Young men trying to resolve traumatic experiences and relationship issues with their mothers is not an area that has attracted a great deal of attention, and yet it is not uncommon. Peter is 28, still living at home and feeling ‘like I just don’t have a life I can call my own.’ As he tries to...

Models of Care for Drug Service Provision

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
May 01, 2004

Models of Care for Drug Service Provision encourages a greater understanding of the Models of Care system, and how it can be used in the interest of clients’ health and well-being. It describes the different range of treatment responses that can be offered and illustrates the patient’s journey...

Time Limited Therapy in Primary Care: A Person-Centred Dialogue

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
January 31, 2004

"Many counsellors who work in primary care find it difficult to explain to colleagues in the primary care team what they actually do with clients behind the closed door of their room. In this book the author brings to life in a gripping way what really does go on when a counsellor sees a patient in...