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NMR in Drug Design

David J. Craik
December 18, 1995

NMR in Drug Design discusses the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in studies of the design, structure, mechanism, and actions of pharmaceutical agents. Topics include rational drug design, NMR techniques in drug design, conformational analysis by NMR, macromolecular structure determination,...

Physics and Chemistry of Photochromic Glasses

Alexander V. Dotsenko, Leonid B. Glebov, Victor A. Tsechomsky
September 24, 1997

Photochromic glasses are among the most widespread types of glasses, due largely to their popular use in sunglasses. These glasses are used not only in sunglasses, but also in various opto-electronic devices that have been developed and produced throughout the world. Until now, information about...

Glasses for Infrared Optics

Valentina F. Kokorina
May 15, 1996

This book explores oxygen-free chalcogenide glasses, the only commercial transparent vitreous materials used for long-wave infrared radiation. The chalcogenides have been the subject of study around the world for many years, and continue to be an important area of research and development in...

Handbook of Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Rare Earth Intermetallics

Andrej Szytula, Janusz Leciejewicz
March 08, 1994

Rare-earth intermetallics, also known as lanthanide elements, play an important role in the study of magnetic materials and the development of semi- and super-conducting materials. This handbook provides an up-to-date compilation of crystallographic, physical, and magnetic data on rare-earth...

Nuclear Fusion by Inertial Confinement: A Comprehensive Treatise

Guillermo Velarde, Yigal Ronen, Jose M. Martinez-Val
December 15, 1992

Nuclear Fusion by Inertial Confinement provides a comprehensive analysis of directly driven inertial confinement fusion. All important aspects of the process are covered, including scientific considerations that support the concept, lasers and particle beams as drivers, target fabrication,...

Superhigh Frequency Generators of Plasma

V. M. Batenin, Ivan I. Klimovskii, Georgi V. Lysov, Vladimir N. Troitskii
October 25, 1993

Superhigh Frequency Generators of Plasma describes the basic physical processes defining the properties and characteristics of SHF-discharges at pressures from 100 Pa to atmospheric. It provides a detailed analysis of propagation mechanisms of the discharge front in atomic and molecular gases, and...

CRC Handbook of Radioanalytical ChemistryVolume II

Juraj Tolgyessy, Erno Bujdoso
April 15, 1991

Radioanalytical methods have become among the most important means for elemental analysis and the determination of chemical species Their extreme sensitivity has made them indispensable in a wide range of applications, including mineral analysis, medical and biophysical work, criminology, history,...

Pulse Radiolysis of Irradiated Systems

Yoneho Tabata
April 15, 1991

Pulse Radiolysis presents an in-depth discussion of the pulse radiolysis technique, one of the most important and powerful means for detecting transient and relaxation phenomena and following their behavior in irradiated systems. The book covers the principle of pulse radiolysis, identifies various...

Synthetic Membranes and Membrane Separation Processes

Takeshi Matsuura
December 17, 1993

Synthetic Membranes and Membrane Separation Processes addresses both fundamental and practical aspects of the subject. Topics discussed in the book cover major industrial membrane separation processes, including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, membrane gas and vapor separation,...

Surface Segregationphenomena

Peter A. Dowben, Allen Miller
August 29, 1990

The purpose of this book is to discuss the phenomena associated with the segregation of one element in a multicomponent material. It describes the kinetics of segregation and contains a tabular summary of the pros and cons of the various models. The easy-to-read chapters outline in detail the...

Polymers for Controlled Drug Delivery

Peter J. Tarcha
November 21, 1990

Polymers for Controlled Drug Delivery addresses the challenges of designing macromolecules that deliver therapeutic agents that function safely and in concert with living organisms. The book primarily discusses classes of polymers and polymeric vehicles, including particulates, such as latexes,...

Spontaneous Emission and Laser Oscillation in Microcavities

Hiroyuki Yokoyama, Kikuo Ujihara
August 30, 1995

In spite of the increasing importance of microcavities, device physics or the observable phenomena in optical microcavities such as enhanced or inhibited spontaneous emission and its relation with the laser oscillation has not been systematically well-described-until now.Spontaneous Emission and...