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International Trade Modelling

m Dagenais, Pierre-Alain Muet
June 01, 1992

In recent years, international trade has become a subject of increaed practical importance and also one of the most intellectually exciting parts of economics. In his introduction to this volume, Paul Krugman outlines why this is so, by analysing the original contribution of the New Trade Theory...

Research and Development Statistics

R.A. Wilson, D.L. Bosworth, A. Young
April 29, 1993

Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources are comprehensive and authoritative surveys of the economic and social statistics for the United Kingdom. They are indispensable to anyone who needs to gain a thorough understanding of the sources for the study of the area under consideration. This...

Process Capability Indices

Samuel Kotz, Norman L. Johnson
June 01, 1993

A solid, rigorous, yet comprehensible analysis of process capability indices, this work bridges the gap between theoretical statisticians and quality control practitioners, showing how an understanding of these indices can lead to process improvement....


J.C. Gower, David J. Hand
December 01, 1995

Biplots are the multivariate analog of scatter plots, approximating the multivariate distribution of a sample in a few dimensions to produce a graphic display. In addition, they superimpose representations of the variables on this display so that the relationships between the sample and the...

Canonical Problems in Scattering and Potential Theory - Two volume set

S.S. Vinogradov, P. D. Smith, E.D. Vinogradova
April 26, 2002

Although the analysis of scattering for closed bodies of simple geometric shape is well developed, structures with edges, cavities, or inclusions have seemed, until now, intractable to analytical methods. This two-volume set describes a breakthrough in analytical techniques for accurately...

A First Course in the Design of Experiments: A Linear Models Approach

John H. Skillings, Donald Weber
November 24, 1999

Most texts on experimental design fall into one of two distinct categories. There are theoretical works with few applications and minimal discussion on design, and there are methods books with limited or no discussion of the underlying theory. Furthermore, most of these tend to either treat the...

Developments in Time Series Analysis

T. Subba Rao
July 01, 1993


Analyzing and Modeling Rank Data

John I Marden
August 01, 1996

This book is the first single source volume to fully address this prevalent practice in both its analytical and modeling aspects. The information discussed presents the use of data consisting of rankings in such diverse fields as psychology, animal science, educational testing, sociology,...

Data Driven Statistical Methods

Peter Sprent
December 01, 1997

Data Driven Statistical Methods is designed for use either as a text book at the undergraduate level, as a source book providing material and suggestions for teachers wishing to incorporate some of its features into more general courses, and also as a self-instruction manual for applied...

Differential Geometry and Statistics

M.K. Murray, J.W. Rice
April 01, 1993


Hydrometallurgy in Extraction Processes, Volume I

C. K. Gupta, T. K. Mukherjee
August 15, 1990

This two-volume set provides a full account of hydrometallurgy. Filled with illustrations and tables, this work covers the flow of source material from the mined or concentrate state to the finished product. It also highlights ion exchange, carbon adsorption and solvent extraction processes for...