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Effective Transition from Design to Production

David F. Ciambrone
October 04, 2007

Taking a new product from the design stage to large-scale production in a profitable, efficient manner can challenge the processes of even the most advanced companies. Lapses in these processes drive up the cost of new products, and hinder their launch into the marketplace. Effective Transition...

Environmental Life Cycle Analysis

David F. Ciambrone
August 11, 1997

The trend in industry and with the EPA is to prevent wastes before they are created instead of treating or disposing of them later. This book assists design/systems engineers and managers in designing or changing a product or set of processes in order to minimize the negative impact on the...

Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon

David F. Ciambrone
November 20, 1995

Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon provides guidance on how to design, implement, evaluate, and maintain a waste minimization program. It describes how waste reduction programs can be successfully coordinated into company procedures, while simultaneously improving that company's bottom line....