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We supply leading professionals, corporations and public organisations who value Taylor & Francis unique, trusted content in a variety of formats.

Teaching materials for a Professional audience

How knowledgeable are your staff? Whether covering specific learning areas or broader professional and business themes/concepts, books impart skills and awareness, growing your organisations knowledge base and equipping people for the tasks they face.

Whether a course core text or a well-considered thought piece, Taylor & Francis books can grow organisational knowledge and capability.

Case Study

I work nationally with practitioners and wanted to use a Taylor & Francis book as a key text.  Taylor & Francis created a special paperback edition that met our budget constraints and as a result they were able to provide the book to our audience.

Promotional materials that underpin your brand and values

Can Taylor & Francis books make your business look more attractive?  Well respected books that incorporate your logo and message confirm your credentials as you influence and win customers.  Whether at an event or as part of a customer acquisition strategy, books can open doors and resonate for years.

Case Study

I provide consultancy services for high achieving businesses and sports individuals. I purchased a Taylor & Francis book which was the best I had ever read in this field.  I approached Taylor & Francis to see if they could adapt the book specifically for my clients.  Taylor & Francis created a custom edition with a new name, a redesigned jacket and integrated a new foreword, afterword, and inserted a new set of case studies that I authored.  I had several thousand copies produced which I use to promote my services and support my consultancy work.

Advocating, informing and engaging

Are you seeking to influence an audience?  If you are looking to change a culture or reinforce awareness, a book or chapter is an authoritative and reliable way to inform and inspire. 

Case Study

We are an engineering consultancy and identified a Taylor & Francis book that we were able to brand. As well as inserting a foreword from our Chairman, we purchased 300 books for both internal and external use, explaining the organisations corporate responsibility goals in environment and sustainable development. We were also able to use the book as teaching material for courses and training sessions that we provide each year.

A format that works best for you

Taylor & Francis print and digital content formats can be provided at chapter level for a distinct purpose, or as a collection of books to create a library that meets wider organisational needs.

Case Study

We wanted to underline the developments we had achieved in developing products for the Medical Market.  Taylor & Francis was able to extract two chapters from a key book, which was printed in a short form edition, complete with our logo and produced at a cost that met regulatory constraints.  We were able to then provide this to delegates at events and training sessions, where it has had a positive impact on the sales of our products.

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