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Taylor & Francis eBooks

We have merged www.tandfebooks and www.crcnetbase to create Taylor & Francis eBooks, which is the new single destination platform for eBooks for our library customers.

This new platform offers:
  • A streamlined experience for our library customers
  • A single point of discovery for all our eBook content
  • Improved search and discovery of content at the book and chapter levels
  • A dashboard with data visualization of usage, denials, and most popular books
Taylor & Francis eBooks offers access to over 90,000 authoritative eBooks from world-renowned and award-winning authors across thousands of titles. Library users can access millions of pages of rich content from a full range of academic disciplines – from Archaeology to Veterinary Medicine. Improved search and filtering, chapterization, APA format citations, and other features create an enhanced user experience, enabling library users (students or researchers) to find the content they need faster.

Focus on Chemistry

If you are looking for the most current chemical data available online, visit ChemnetBASE, our collection of interactive databases and dictionaries that includes the Combined Chemical Dictionary and the online version of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Users can perform exhaustive searches using a variety of criteria, including structure searching with the powerful MarvinSketch Java Applet and JChem search engine from ChemAxonTM. ChemnetBASE also provides ways to create customized tables and export the data in a choice of formats.

Our Online Platforms

Using our online platforms, you can explore subject-specific content and build a collection that meets your institution’s needs.