Resources for Librarians

Our Commitment

We consider it a priority to maintain lasting partnerships with libraries and librarians because we understand that the library world is changing – technology is evolving, library budgets are shrinking, and library patrons are always looking for faster ways to access information.

Explore this page to learn how we cultivate our relationships with our librarian partners through:

  • Research: to better understand our librarian partners, we regularly assess their needs, pain-points, and methodology to ensure we are keeping up with their evolving needs.
  • Conferences: we attend and present at major library conferences all over the world.
  • Online platforms: we maintain comprehensive online platforms that so that our librarians can meet their institutions’ needs.
  • Supplemental information: to effectively reach our partners, we produce digestible and useful content in the form of white papers, snapshots, video, social media, newsletters, and more!

People are Talking about the Librarian-Publisher Relationship

"What I've seen is how much people want to have mature, collaborative discussions; how much people are prepared to ask questions and recognize uncertainty; but also, how much people recognize the long-term value of what the library brings, and the role of the librarian, which is still vital."

"We’re all in the same boat, really trying to serve the user's needs."

"We are intermediaries in this relationship between the users and the people who are publishing all the research, so we need to understand each other."

"It really is a codependent operation that we’re engaged in here."