Taylor & Francis Group, LLC - Returns Policy

The following policy has been updated. Please read through it carefully.

  1. Books may be returned to Taylor & Francis Group up to 18 months from the original invoice date.
  2. Returned books must include a copy of, or reference to, its original invoice. Books returned without corresponding invoice information are investigated and credited according to current invoice terms.
  3. Returned books must be free from damage and in resalable condition. Highlighted books, books contain writing or otherwise defaced are considered damaged, and ineligible for credit. In this case, Taylor & Francis Group notifies and offers to return the book to the customer. Defective or damaged books must be received by Taylor & Francis Group within 45 days from the invoice date to be eligible for credit.
  4. Bookstore display copies, or other shelf-worn titles with bent pages, corners, or scratched covers, may be returned for credit.
  5. Short shipment claims and price and discount discrepancies must be submitted for credit within 90 days from the invoice date.
  6. Books containing disks must be returned with disks intact.
  7. Shrink-wrapped books must be returned with shrink wrapping intact.
  8. Out-of-print books are accepted for return for 180 days after the title is declared out-of-print. Books that are superseded by a new edition are accepted for return for 180 days after the new edition publication date.
  9. Books not published or distributed by Taylor & Francis Group will be returned at the customer's expense.
  10. Taylor and Francis requires returned shipments adhere to the following industry standards:
    • All cartons should weigh less than 40 pounds. Cartons received over the recommended industry weight limit will be returned to customers for re-packaging at their expense.
    • Boxes should be clearly marked, i.e., "1 of [total number]" when sending multiple cartons. All packages should contain the customers identifying RMA number and include paper work and/or the invoice.
    • Multiple returns with different RMA or Chargeback numbers cannot be combined in the same box. Each shipment must include separate paperwork.
    • Any product returned to the customer is at the customer's expense. Fully detailed return shipping information must be provided.

Return address:

LSC Communications Distribution Center
Taylor and Francis Returns

5550 W 74th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Tel: 800-634-7064 or 859-727-5000
Fax: 800-248-4724 or 859-647-4028