Publishing with CRC Press


Your proposal and any supporting materials will be reviewed by in-house staff and advisory editors, who maintain strict standards of confidentiality.


The Review Process

Once you submit a proposal, it undergoes review. First, one of our senior editors will give it careful consideration. If it meets our criteria for quality, relevance, and marketability, the editor submits the proposal for review by experienced experts in your field who will offer their opinions on the potential strengths and weaknesses of your proposed manuscript, including its importance to the field. We will encourage you to suggest the names of three to five individuals whose expertise in the subject area will help facilitate our evaluation process.

Once it has been determined that a particular project has the potential to be mutually profitable and is seen as advancing your field or promoting education within its field, a contract will be tendered which outlines responsibilities and obligations, both yours and ours. One essential obligation is that you keep your date commitments. Any requested changes in the schedule should be taken up with your editor as soon as possible.


Manuscript Preparation

Every author and editor receives a copy of our continually updated style guide, which explains how your manuscript needs to be prepared and presented. We work with both camera-ready and raw manuscripts. Please click on one of the following links on the right box to open the appropriate PDF file detailing our publishing guidelines for authors.


Marketing Your Book

Your input is essential to the marketing of your book. We hope you will give serious thought to completing our Marketing Author's Questionnaire that we will send you. Please fill it out as completely and quickly as possible.

Our most successful authors are those who are most personally involved in the promotion of their books.