Increase Exposure for Your Work

These days, it's all about staying up to date with trends and technology - and using technology to expand your reach.

Featured Authors is a unique web portal created exclusively for authors and editors of books from Taylor & Francis Group imprints, including CRC Press, Routledge, Focal Press, and Psychology Press, to connect with readers and colleagues. Featured Authors enhances your online presence, giving your audience highly visual, engaging information about you and your work in a personal and interactive setting.

Authors and editors who participate in the Featured Authors program find that their work is discovered more readily on the web. Therefore, they tend to sell more copies of their books. They also are approached more often about opportunities for research, consultation, and speaking.

If you have published with CRC Press, but have yet to sign up for Featured Authors, we recommend that you create your Featured Authors profile right away. Should you have any queries regarding the program, or experience any issues whilst setting up your profile, please contact